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February 28, 2014

The latest edition of Giorgio Piola's annual Formula 1 Technical Analysis series is now in stock:
Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2012/2013
by Giorgio Piola

One of the hardest fought Formula 1 World Championships of recent years ended in Brazil, where Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull won the drivers' and constructors' world titles respectively for the third consecutive year. Ferrari, competitive until mid-season, had to be content with Fernando Alonso's second place in the end.


On the technical front, the 2012 world championship will be remembered for the large air intakes in the noses of many of the cars, their purpose to recover aerodynamic load; then there were the sophisticated F-Ducts created by Mercedes-Benz and the pull rod front suspension layout designed by Ferrari.


In this well-established publication, author, designer and television commentator Giorgio Piola analyses the various development phases of the different teams during the world championship. Brief but exhaustive texts illustrated with hundreds of technical designes in full colour are the main elements of this book, which concludes with a section on the cars that will be the protagonists of the 2013 season.


Softbound | 120 pages | 400 color illustrations

$46.95 Order HERE



Some news on two forthcoming DVDs that you can pre-order here at TMC;


'Snake and Mongoose' is the story of the intense rivalry between drag racers Don 'The Snake' Prudhomme and Tom 'The Mongoose' McEwen. The film was released in limited distribution to theatres last fall, running just a few days in many cases. If you blinked, you missed it. The film will be available on both DVD and Blu-ray in April. Reserve HERE.


Last year, Roman Polanski's documentary on Jackie Stewart at the 1971 Monaco Grand Prix, 'Weekend of a Champion', was updated and re-released on DVD in Europe. We're happy to announce that a US format DVD will be released here in the US in May. You can reserve a copy HERE.


One last bit of DVD news: The 2013 Formula One Review Blu-ray is finally on the way. We expect delivery next week. There is no US format LeMans Review for 2013, but a few 'format free' Blu-ray copies are also inbound. Inquire.


Spark's 1/43 scale replica of the 2013 LeMans winning Audi R18 e-tron quattro is just one of 20 new models due to arrive here this afternoon. Many are in short supply. View the list HERE.


Have a great weekend. Stay warm, it's almost over!



 - Paul

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