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Did you lose a rather expensive Knife?  Call us and claim it!
Save on "Winter" Items!
Since it looks like we won't have a winter
Save NOW for next winter, or your trip to Alaska.
OMG Absolutely everybody should go there. NOW! Go! Get a jacket first, then GO!

Carol's will mark down all "winter" coats and jackets for THIS WEEKEND.  Save BIG on all of our coats, jackets, and other outerwear.  Men's dusters will NOT be included, since they are always marked down, every day
For Example:  The Ladie's Adelaide Oilskin (pictured) retails at $165, but our Everyday Price is $149.99.  During the weekend, this rainproof, windproof, hooded Oilskin jacket will be an unbelievable $92 !!  An exceptional value for a quality product.  LOTS of men's coats will be similarly reduced! Once these jackets are gone, expect 3' of snow. 
Many More products will be marked down this weekend.
Since we're not having a winter (hope hope).

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SAVE 15%

Buy any Belt OR Buckle, and save 15% on each!  Regular priced items only.  In Stock Items ONLY.  But for special orders, look at the next coupon!

Offer Expires 01/30/17
Save $$$ on Special Orders

Do you not see what you want in our store?  Don't Worry!  We will gladly let you look through catalogs and websites and we'll offer a very competitive price!  If you need it ASAP, we will charge a shipping fee.  If you can wait until our next order (typically just a few days), we'll waive the shipping fee!

Offer Expires 01/31/17 -- but just ask!