Four key items your members expect from their association! 
Dear Executive Director:

June 15, 2017     

Dear Executive Director:

I read a very interesting article by Callie Walker of MemberClicks about member expectations of associations-- things they expect regardless of size,
or industry.   Here are the four key items MemberClicks identified:

Four Key Items Members Expect

1. A seamless online user experience
Your website must be easy to navigate and set up so that users can easily find what they want/need.  And, it needs to be easy to buy what you're selling!
2. The latest industry news/updates
Don't keep being the expert on the industry to yourself--get that info out there to your members.
3. For  you to facilitate engagement/interactions
You need to engage with  them--your members are the wallflowers at the prom; ask them to dance!  Or sign up for a seminar, register for the tradeshow, etc.

4. A certain level of professionalism when writing and publishing
  • Use quality images--use your photo editor to fix red eye and light­ing/exposure problems; crop out the uninteresting bits
  • Have consistent formatting--keep the look and feel the same through­out your website and within e-mails and newsletters
  • Watch your spacing and spelling
  • Update your web pages--make sure your weblinks go where they're supposed to AND get rid of old content (such as signup info for events that occurred months ago!)
Read Callie's entire article HERE.


Valerie Schenewerk
Regional Relations Admin