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Let the festive season begin! Before getting caught up in the Holiday's activities, be sure to protect your investment by winterizing properly.  For those of you who are moving on, consider having your new property inspected! 

Now that the cooler temperatures have arrived, it is a great time to inspect your property to make sure it is protected and energy efficient.  Check the doors and windows to make sure they seal properly and the weather stripping is still doing its job to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.  It's a great time to call a professional and have them check and service your furnace. Also be sure to change your filters.  Write the date on the filters before installing them.  This will help you remember and track when they should be changed, keeping a regular schedule on changing these out ensures your family is breathing quality air.  Check your piping in the attic, under the sinks, by the water heater and outside.  Making sure that these are properly insulated equates to money in your pocket and hot water when you need it.  Don't forget to check your watering system for leaks and reschedule your watering intervals to align with the recommendations from the Water District.  This will help you avoid over watering and possibly causing freeze damage to grass and plants.  Schedules for pool and spa pumps should be adjusted and watched closely to avoid freeze damage when the temperatures drop below freezing.


For more tips, call us for a quality inspection on your property today!

Holiday Cheer
When the temperatures drop, it's time to break out the hot chocolate.
Willy Wonkas can make you warm all over.  Follow the recipe below to create a smooth chocolate peppermint treat with a little something to warm the chills.
1 package of your favorite hot chocolate mix
1 shot glass of peppermint schnapps
1 shot glass of vodka
Top Off with Whipped Cream
1 Stick of Peppermint
Cinnamon to Taste
Mix hot chocolate packet as instructed.  Add the next 4 ingredients and sprinkle cinnamon on the whipped cream topping.  ENJOY!!
Our Services
We offer a comprehensive visual, non-invasive property inspection.  Our inspectors are licensed, insured and nationally certified.  Here at Insight Property Inspections, we strive to provide clients with a complete walk through of the property, reviewing the findings and providing suggestions for repairs and maintenance.  Our digital reports are structured to provide prospective buyers with everything needed to help them make informed decisions throughout the purchase process.  We offer thermal imaging at no extra cost!  Our team is here to promptly provide you with professional and courteous service.  Call us today at (702) 376-0433.  

I truly appreciate your confidence in our ability to provide you with quality and reliable service.  Your referrals are greatly appreciated.




Harold Higdon
Insight Property Inspections, LLC.


Harold Higdon

Nevada Certified Resident Property Inspector #IOS.0001620 

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