Fox Tales, a publication of the St. Charles Park District, is distributed to  
Community Unit School District #303 students in grades K-5. For more information, call 630-513-6200.

Saturday, April 7  |  12-4pm
FREE but please register  (#15240)
As winter winds down, farms begin to bustle with activity. Babies are born, planting, begins and spring cleaning starts. Help the Primrose Farmers ready the farm for warmer weather! Shell corn, make butter, prepare the garden for planting and assist with household chores. All ages welcome! Ages 15 and younger must be accompanied by an adult. Held at Primrose Farm, 5N726 Crane Road, St. Charles. 

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Early Bird Pool Passes 
Get ready for a SPLASHtastic Summer!

Season passes for all aquatic facilities are ON SALE NOW! Early Bird Rates until April 30. Have your pass in hand when Otter Cove Aquatic Park or Swanson Pool open. Season passes are available for purchase online or at PCC during normal facility hours. Facility rentals are available too.

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Time to sign up for
Summer Camps! 
Children of all ages will enjoy themed activities, playing games, making crafts, swimming, field trips and so much more.

Choose what interests you most:
Before and after care is available too.
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Saturday, April 14  |  12-2pm

All Ages  
FREE! but please register  (#16361
Let's go fly a kite! Enjoy a beautiful spring day along the river with your family. This statewide kite fly is supported by the Illinois Association of Park Districts. Bring a picnic lunch and your favorite kite. Arrive anytime from 12-2pm. Check in at the park's pavilion. No rain date. Held at Mt. St. Mary Park.

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Sunday, April 29  |  1-2:30pm  

All Ages
$5 per person  (#15213)
Ages 2 & Under are FREE! 
Get ready to squish, scoop and explore the outdoors while relishing in the joy of mud. Children must be accompanied by a paying adult, who can then choose whether or not to join in the muddy fun.
Held at Primrose Farm, 5N726 Crane Road, St. Charles.
Magic Class
Ages 5-13
W     Apr 4   |   5-5:55pm
RES $20/NR $30   (#15063)

Learn a collection of age-appropriate, fascinating and mesmerizing tricks! Amaze family and friends using cards, ropes, coins, mind reading and more. While some tricks may appear difficult, discover how easy they are to learn and perform. Materials provided. Participants receive a take-home magic kit. New tricks every season! Held at Batavia Park District Eastside Community Center.

Cheer and Pom

Ages 4-10
M     Apr 9-May 7  |  6:15-7pm

RES $80/NR $120  (#16200)

Girls, have you always wished you could learn cheer and pom routines just like the older girls, but there wasn't a class available for your age group? Well, now is your chance! Have a great time learning simple cheers, partner stunts and an awesome pom routine. No experience necessary. All you need to bring is your strong voice and enthusiastic spirit. Poms available for purchase in class.

Table Tennis Camp

Ages 7-12

Tu     Apr 17-May 15   |  6:30-7:30pm     

RES $72/NR $108  (#16221)

Want to learn table tennis like a pro? Instructors will teach basic skills of correct paddle, ball handling and how to volley the ball back and forth correctly. Then you will move into a playing zone and practice with other teammates!



STEM Workshop - Angry Birds: Bad Piglets!

Ages 8-12

Sa     Apr 14  |  10am-12pm         

RES $36/NR $54   (#16197)

Angry Birds® is a game about catapulting birds to knock down structures and earn points. In this fun and exciting class, students will engineer their very own catapults out of technic Lego® bricks and components! First, they will construct customized structures out of Lego® bricks for their own game design set. Next, they will use their catapult to launch mini-figures through the air to try and knock down their structures! Lastly, the students will enjoy our dynamic activity stations! They will experience the thrill of Angry Birds® by engineering different birds and pigs with LEGO® bricks as well as Angry Birds® craft stations with take home activities.

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Kids' Painting 
Ages 7-13 
W     Apr 4-25  |  4-6pm   (#15669)
W     May 2-23  |  4-6pm   (#15670)
RES $81/NR $122   

Sa    Apr 7-May 12  |  10am-12pm  (#15666)  
RES $122/NR $172 

A budding artist will learn all the techniques for creating beautiful art in this follow-along painting class. Even first-time artists will achieve outstanding results. Explore a variety of subjects. All supplies included. Bring a roll of paper towels.
Held at Tony & Friends Art Studio. 

Kids Drawing, Cartooning & Animation 
Ages 7-12
Sa     Apr 7-May 12  |  9-11am   (#15667)
RES $122/NR $172

Students work at their own ability level with practical instruction in the fundamentals of drawing, composition and perspective while handling line proportion and tone. Held at Tony & Friends Art Studio.
Beginner Sewing Workshops
Ages 7+

Learn sewing machine basics as you create a simple project using newly-acquired knowledge of sewing machines, seams and finishing techniques. All supplies and sewing machines provided. Sign up for one or all!
Emoji Pillow 
Th   Apr 5   |  6-7pm   ( #15509)

18" Doll Clothes
Th   Apr 5   |  7-8pm   ( #15511)

Dinosaur Tail 
M   Apr 9   |  6-7pm    ( #15514)

Zippered Pouch 
M    Apr 9   |  7-8pm   ( #15517)

Owl Buddy 
F   Apr 13   |  7:30-8:30pm    ( #15519)
RES $21/NR $32 each class

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Ages 7-9
Tu     Apr 3-May 8  |  6:15-7:15pm   (#15710)
RES $68/NR $102

Ages 10-12
M     Apr 2-May 7  |  7:45-8:45pm   (#15709)
RES $68/NR $102

Focus on the foundation of dance through barre and center work with an important understanding of technique. Poise, grace and proper body placement will be emphasized while learning classical dance terminology. Required attire: hair up (out of face), leotard, footed tights and pink ballet slippers.
Ages 6-13
W    Apr 4-May 9  |   5:30-6:30pm 
RES $68/NR $102   (#15712

Combine cheer and dance moves into exciting routines. Perfect for beginner to advanced students. Required attire: hair up (out of face), t-shirt, shorts, yoga style or capri pant, black jazz shoes or clean athletic shoes.

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Speed and Agility
Ages 6-8
Th     Apr 5-May 24  |  5:15-6:15pm  (#16039)
Ages 8-10
Th     Apr 5-May 24  |  6:15-7:15pm  (#16040)
RES/NR $86

This is a class to help your child's speed and agility in their sport of preference. While participating in the progr am your child will be working to obtain that extra element to their game that will help them stand out as a player in the field or on the court. The focus will be on skills such as form, start and stop speeds, directional change, acceleration change and fun games to help improve overall skills. Wear running shoes. Held at Geneva Park District Persinger Rec Center.

Track and Field
Ages 6-10
Th     Apr 5-May 24  |  4:15-5:15pm         
RES/NR$86  (#16050)

This program is centered on helping increase your child's speed and endurance while also bettering their running form. This program will cover sprinting, distance running, high jump, long jump and more. During class your child will learn form, train, and have fun while playing games to increase their speed and endurance.Wear running shoes. Held at Geneva Park District Persinger Rec Center.

Club Basketball Skills Training
Ages 6-10
W     Apr 18-May 23  |  5-6pm  (#15734)
Ages 9-11
W     Apr 18-May 23  |  6-7pm  (#15735)
RES $75/NR $113

New to the game? Interested in playing basketball at school or taking your game to the next level? If this is true, this class is right for you. Our program is designed to improve your basketball skills with skill training, extensive ball handling, passing, shooting, footwork and competitive game play. Our coaches are trained to help you prepare for the next level in a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Hockey - Level 1
Ages 3-17
Th     Apr 26-Jun 21*  |  6:30-7pm  (#16210)
Sa     Apr 28-Jun 23*  |  10:40-11:10am  (#16211)
RES/NR $125

Learn the fundamentals of hockey skating - maneuvering faster, becoming more agile, using proper sports skating techniques and developing successful game situations. Required equipment: hockey skates, gloves and certified hockey helmet (ice approved). Pucks will not be used. Held at Fox Valley Ice Arena.
*No class on May 3 or 5 

Ice Skating - Basic 1
Ages 6-17
Th     Apr 26-Jun 21*  |  6:30-7pm  (#16213)
Sa     Apr 28-Jun 23*  |  10:40-11:10am  (#16214)
RES/NR $125

Learn the basics of figure skating, both forward and back movements, and balance techniques. Practice falling and getting up, marching, foot glides, forward swizzles, backward wiggles and beginning snowplow stops. Progress to one-foot glides, two-foot turns, forward slaloms and beginning two-foot spins. Held at Fox Valley Ice Arena.
*No class on May 3 or 5
Floor Hockey Skills
Ages 7-11
Th     Apr 5-May 24  |  7:15-8:15pm         
RES/NR $86  (#16054)

Learn the proper mechanics of stick handling, puck control, passing and shooting while you get a great workout from the speed and agility drills. Focus on balance and stamina while working on game knowledge and mechanics. Review offensive and defensive strategies. Teamwork, good sportsmanship and rules will be emphasized. Bring a water bottle, shin guards, bike helmet and any type of gloves to cover fingers. Held at Geneva Park District Western Avenue School.

Volleyball Skills
Ages 6-9
M     Apr 9-May 21  |  6:35-7:35pm  (#16069)
Ages 9-12
M      Apr 9-May 21  |  7:35-8:35pm  (#16068)
RES $76/NR $114

Passing, serving, setting and teamwork are all covered in this fast-paced sport. Speed and agility drills will help increase short area quickness, improve defensive range, explosiveness to elevate and finish points and increases power and balance. Games will be played to learn defensive and offensive strategies. Bring knee pads and a water bottle.
Basketball Skills
Ages 6-9
M     Apr 9-May 21  |  6:35-7:35pm  (#16014)
Ages 9-12
M     Apr 9-May 21   | 7:35-8:35pm  (#16015)
RES $76/NR $114

Focusing on individual skills and team play, each session begins with speed and agility drills that will enhance a player's ability to get up and down the court quickly, generate rapid change of direction and creates explosion to the basket. Players will practice ball handling, proper shooting technique, foot work and defensive/offensive strategies. Small-sided competitions and game play will enable each player to focus and work on learned skills. Bring a water bottle.

Flag Football Skills
Ages 6-8               
Tu     Apr 10-May 29  |  6:45-7:45pm      
RES $86/NR $129  (#16020)

Learn both offensive and defensive moves while trying out every position without the risk of major injuries in this fun and safe environment! Instructors will focus on the proper mechanics of running pass routes, receiving, line play; taking hand offs, throwing techniques and basic rules of game play. The importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship are highly emphasized. Contact is minimal, there will be no tackling. Bring a water bottle. Wear knee pads.
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All nature programs below are held at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, 3795 Campton Hills Road, St. Charles.
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Ages 5-12
Sa     May 5 | 10-11am              
RES $10/NR $15   (#15260)

Decorate a flower pot and plant some seeds that will be perfect for Mother's Day weekend and then come and see who is an herbivore. Don't worry, we won't let the critters eat your seeds as we explore the nature center and take a hike outside.
Spring Bird Count for KIDS!
Ages 8-12
Sa     May 19 | 9-11am              
FREE but please register   (#15264)

Join Hickory Knolls Discovery Center Naturalists and the Kane County Audubon Society for the spring bird count for KIDS! Learn about birds and their migration patterns as we head out into the woods in search of our feathered friends. Binoculars provided to be used the day of the event. Free, but registration is required.

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