Fox Tales, a publication of the St. Charles Park District, is distributed to  
Community Unit School District #303 students in grades K-5. For more information, call 630-513-6200.

Tuesday, December 12  

Ages 2+  
RES $15/NR $23 per person  (#14289
Alexander's Cafe, 1650 W. Main Street, St. Charles 
Come have breakfast with the Jolly ole guy himself! Enjoy breakfast buffet while Santa visits with each child. After breakfast, make a special craft to take home. Participants must be accompanied by a registered parent. One parent may accompany multiple children from the same household. Advance registration required.
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Baker Station
Winter Break
This program is designed to provide children that are out of school on breaks a place socialize, do arts and crafts, play organized games and much more. Please register one week prior to the start date. Fee must be paid in full at time of registration. All emergency forms and paperwork must be completed prior to the start of this program. Remember to bring a lunch with a drink.
This program is held at PCC.
M-F Dec 27-Jan 5*
RES $308/NR $358  (#13976)
*No Baker Station Dec 26 & Jan 1 
Daily Options
RES $44/NR $66 per day

Dec 27  #13972
Th  Dec 28  #13973
Dec 29  #13974 
Tu  Jan 2  #13975
Jan 3  #13977 
Th  Jan 4  #13978
Jan 5  #13979  
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Saturday, December 16  |  3-5pm

All Ages    
RES $25/NR $38 per family (#14578)
Primrose Farm, 5N726 Crane Road
Get into the holiday spirit by helping the Primrose Farmers decorate the Summer Kitchen! Learn about 1930s holiday traditions. Help string popcorn, decorate pine cones, and craft paper ornaments. Decorate holiday cookies and help yourself to hot cocoa. End your evening by decorating the Primrose wagon and taking it on its first jaunt of the holiday season. All families will have an opportunity to take photos in the newly trimmed kitchen - a great memento to use in next year's greeting card! Advance registration required.

Sunday, December 31 11am-12:15pm

All Ages
RES $5/NR $8 per person  (#14004) - Adults are FREE! 
Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, 3795 Campton Hills Rd.
Who is awake to celebrate and who is hibernating? Celebrate New Year's Eve early as we meet the animals and share a toast at 12pm.
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Level 257, Schaumburg
Wednesday, Dec 27
RES $65/NR $97
Soldier Field Tour & Rainforest Cafe, Chicago
Thursday, Dec 28
RES $69/NR $103
Luigis Pizza & Aurora Skate Center, Aurora
Friday, Dec 29
RES $65/NR $98
Adler Planetarium, Chicago*
Wednesday, Jan 3
RES $65/NR $98
Gameworks, Schamburg*
Thursday, Jan 4
RES $65/NR $83
(#14144 )
Brunswick Zone XL, Algonquin
Friday, Jan 5
RES $55/NR $83
*Bring a sack lunch.
Before and After Trip Care Available for No School Day Trips. 
Before Care begins 6:30am and After Care ends at 6pm.
RES $15/NR $23  ( Click here to register. )
Mother & Child Painting
Ages 7-13
Tu     Dec 5-19  |  4:15-6:15pm
RES $66/NR $99   (#14510)

Enjoy painting in oils, acrylics, watercolors, with your child as we explore the different uses of various brushes, palette knives & techniques. Perfect your technique and progress to free style painting where you choose the subject matter. Art supplies are provided. Bring a roll of paper towels. Held at Tony & Friends Art Studio.

Holiday Sewing Fun
Ages 6-15
M     Dec 18  |  6:30-7:30pm
RES $22/NR $33  (#14325)

Learn the basics of the sewing machines to sew and create a holiday inspired project. All supplies and sewing machines are provided.

Kids Winter Break Workshop
Ages 5-12
W     Dec 27  |  9am-3pm  (#14423)
F       Dec 29  |  9am-3pm  (#14424)
RES $51/NR $76

These one-day workshops fill fast! Kids will enjoy creating a holiday project painting an acrylic masterpiece!. Bring a sack lunch and a roll of paper towels. Held at Tony & Friends Art Studio.
Kids' Drawing, Cartooning & Animation 
Ages 7-13
Sa    Jan 6-Feb 10  |  9-11am   
RES $122/NR $172  (#14739) 

Students work at their own ability level with practical instruction in the fundamentals of drawing, composition and perspective while handling line proportion and tone. Held at Tony & Friends Art Studio.

Kids' Painting 
Ages 7-13

A budding artist will learn all the techniques for creating beautiful art in this follow-along painting class. Even first-time artists will achieve outstanding results. Explore a variety of subjects. All supplies included. Bring a roll of paper towels. Held at Tony & Friends Art Studio.

Sa    Jan 6-Feb 10  |  10am-12pm   
RES $122/NR $172  (#14741)

After School
W    Jan 10-31  |  4-6pm   
RES $81/NR $122  (#14736)

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Basketball Camp
Ages 5-9
Tu-F     Jan 2-5  |   3-5pm
$96   (#14945)
Ages 9-11
Tu-F     Jan 2-5  |  11:30am-1:30pm
$96   (#14943)

Learn everything about basketball! Players will strengthen and improve upon their skills, participate in stretching and warm-up exercises, perform drills, learn strategy techniques and play games. Teamwork and a positive mental attitude are emphasized. Held at Geneva Park District Persinger Rec Center.

Floor Hockey Camp
Ages 6-9
Tu-F Jan 2-5  |  9-11:30am
$96   (#14944)

Learn the rules and mechanics of this fast-paced sport without the skates. Players will be challenged to ensure they improve with their stick work, teamwork and overall knowledge of the game. Focus on the mechanics of passing, shooting, puck control, defense and offense in a fun and safe environment. No checking will be allowed, but everyone must come prepared to play hard. Equipment: hockey stick. Mandatory protection: helmet, hockey gloves, knee pads and elbow pads. Optional protection: mouth guard, shin pads and wrist pads. Held at Geneva Park District Persinger Rec Center

Ages 4-10

Red Ball 1   Ages 4-6
Through a series of fun games and activities, you will explore basic movements and positioning including catching, throwing, hitting, forehand and backhand groundstrokes and the "drop-hit" serve. Scoring will also be introduced.
Sa   Jan 6-Feb 10   |  11:15am-12pm  (#14856)
Th   Jan 11-Feb 15  |  4:15-5pm  (#14855)

RES $52/NR $78 

Red Ball 2   Ages 5-7 
Players will develop agility, balance, basic movement patters, forehand and backhand groundstrokes, serves, return, volley, placement and rally skills.
Sa   Jan 6-Feb 10   |  12-1pm  (#14852)
Th   Jan 11-Feb 15  |  5-6pm  (#14851)

RES $69/NR $104 

Orange Ball   Ages 8-10
Players will develop agility, coordination, dynamic balance, movement patterns, court positioning, scoring and reliable technique on forehand, backhand, serve and volleys.
Sa   Jan 6-Feb 10   |  12-1pm  (#14849)

Th   Jan 11-Feb 15  |  6-7pm  (#14847) 
RES $69/NR $104   

Illinois Shotokan Karate Club 
Classes start January 8!

Pre-Karate  |  Ages 4-7
Youth Karate  |  Ages 7-14
Parent/Child Karate  |  Ages 7+ w/ adult

For full class descriptions, fees, times, locations and to register online, CLICK HERE.

Ages 7+

Discover the art of attack and defense in this ancient sport. Learn how to come on guard, advance, retreat and more. All ability levels welcome. Equipment provided. Upon advancement to the club level, you will gain a better understanding of the finesse and fascination of this fast-paced sport. Beginners meet from 6-7pm. Club members meet from 7-8:30pm. Held at Baker Community Center.

Tu   Jan 9-Feb 13  |  6-7pm
RES $52/NR $78  (#15016)
Fencing Club
Tu      Jan 9-Feb 13  |  7-8:30pm
RES $44/NR $66   (#15018) 
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All nature programs below are held at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, 3795 Campton Hills Road, St. Charles.