Fox Tales, a publication of the St. Charles Park District, is distributed to  
Community Unit School District #303 students in grades K-5. For more information, call 630-513-6200.

Saturday, January 6

All Ages   
RES $5/NR $8 per person  (#14579)
Wagon Ride: $2 per person (cash only) 
Primrose Farm  
Escape the house and venture out into an agricultural winter wonderland! Greet the animal residents, help with livestock chores and more! Visit the candlelit summer kitchen for hot chocolate, cookies, festive music and a thank you card craft. Advance registration required.
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at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center
Tired of being stuck inside? We have the solution. Activities change weekly and include a variety of ways to cure cabin fever- from scavenger hunts, to crafts and games. Drop in during the day into the extended evening hours of winter. Supplies guaranteed for the first 50 drop in visitors. No registration required.
Thursdays | Jan 11-Mar 29 
Jan 11  That is Not Just a Box
Jan 18  Reading to the Animals
Jan 25  Tricky Tracks  
Feb 1  Bunny Puppet Play
Feb 8  Bunny Hop Dance Party
Feb 15  Hoppy Valentine's Day
Feb 22  The Bunny & the Snowman
Mar 1  Wiggle Worms 
Mar 8  Terrific Turtles 
Mar 15  Creative Color Search 
Mar 22  Marvelous Maples 
Mar 29  Bee Creative 
Hickory Knolls Discovery Center
3795 Campton Hills Road
St. Charles, IL 60175

Friday, February 2  |  6-8pm

Ages 3+ 
RES $16/NR $24 per person  (#15020)
Pottawatomie Community Center

Ladies and gentlemen...start your engines!
Race on over for a night of high octane fun activities, entertainment and dancing. A light dinner of pizza, salad, Cars™ themed treats and a sundae bar, sponsored by Culvers, will be provided. Ka Chow! Costumes encouraged. A parent must be registered for this event. One parent may accompany multiple children from the same household. Advance registration required.

Sunday, February 18  |  9am

Ages 5+
RES $25/NR $38 per person  (#14703)
As the nation's largest and longest-running auto show, this event exhibits domestic and imported passenger cars and trucks, sport utility vehicles, experimental and concept cars. View nearly 1,000 different vehicles at the 1.2 million square-foot McCormick Place. Transportation, parking and admission included. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Trip departs from and returns to Pottawatomie Community Center.
Adler Planetarium, Chicago*
Wednesday, Jan 3
RES $65/NR $98
Gameworks, Schamburg*
Thursday, Jan 4
RES $65/NR $83
(#14144 )
Brunswick Zone XL, Algonquin
Friday, Jan 5
RES $55/NR $83
*Bring a sack lunch.
Before and After Trip Care Available for No School Day Trips. 
Before Care begins 6:30am and After Care ends at 6pm.
RES $15/NR $23  ( Click here to register. )
Babysitters' Training
Ages 10-16
F-Sa     Jan 19-20  |  9am-2pm              
RES $52/NR $78   (#15008)

Learn the skills needed to take care of children using fun activities, group and teacher-led discussions and role-playing techniques. Fee includes a student reference book and other reference materials. Bring a doll and lunch.
Lego™ Engineering Workshop 
Pocket Brick Monsters!
Ages 5-10
Sa      Jan 20  |  10am-12pm         
RES $35/NR $53   (#15218)

Get ready for an adventure into the world of Pokemon™! Capture wild Pokemon™ creatures and train them for battle. Improve your accuracy and power as you learn new moves and use special abilities. Tap into your inner engineer as we build Dratini, Pikachu, Poke Balls, and more. Show off your skills as you battle for power in your journey through the Pokemon™ universe. Do you have what it takes to become a Pokemon™ Master? Join us for a day of exciting Pokemon™ building fun!
Magic Class
Ages 5-13
M      Jan 22  |  6:45-7:40pm       
RES $20/NR $30   (#15062)

Learn a collection of age-appropriate, fascinating and mesmerizing tricks! Amaze family and friends using cards, ropes, coins, mind reading and more. While some tricks may appear difficult, discover how easy they are to learn and perform. Materials provided. Participants receive a take-home magic kit. New tricks every season!
Build a Winter Holiday Floral Centerpiece
All Ages
W     Jan 24  |  6:30-7:30pm       
RES/NR $5   (#14975)
Brighten up the winter season! Even though it's cold outside, you can still enjoy a gorgeous floral arrangement. Design a centerpiece for yourself and make another to donate. All materials and supplies included.

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Beginner Sewing Workshops
Ages 7+
Learn sewing machine basics as you create a simple project using newly-acquired knowledge of sewing machines, seams and finishing techniques. All supplies and sewing machines provided. Sign up for one or all!    

Emoji Pillow
M  Jan 8  |  5:30-6:30pm  (#14758)
Dog Pillow
M   Jan 8  |  6:30-7:30pm  (#14770)

Superhero Cape 
M  Jan 8  |  7:30-8:30pm  (#14766)

18" Doll Clothes
Th  Jan 18  |  5:30-6:30pm  (#14760)

Drawsting Bag 
Th  Jan 18  |  6:30-7:30pm  (#14768)

Minecraft Pillow
Th  Jan 18  |  7:30-8:30pm  (#14764)

Tooth Fairy Pillow 
Th   Jan 25  |  4:30-5:30pm  (#14762)

RES $21/NR $32 each class
Mom & Me Sew a Mermaid/Shark Tail Blanket
Ages 5-15
W     Jan 31  |  5:30-7:30pm   (#14785)
Th    Feb 22  |  5:30-7:30pm   (#14786)
RES $35/NR $53

Learn the basics of machine sewing while making a cuddly, soft Mermaid or Shark Tail Blanket together! All supplies and sewing machines included.

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Kids' Drawing, Cartooning & Animation 
Ages 7-13
Sa    Jan 6-Feb 10  |  9-11am  (#14739
Sa    Feb 17-Mar 24  |  9-11am   (#14740)    
RES $122/NR $172   

Students work at their own ability level with practical instruction in the fundamentals of drawing, composition and perspective while handling line proportion and tone. Held at Tony & Friends Art Studio.

Kids' Painting 
Ages 7-13

A budding artist will learn all the techniques for creating beautiful art in this follow-along painting class. Even first-time artists will achieve outstanding results. Explore a variety of subjects. All supplies included. Bring a roll of paper towels. Held at Tony & Friends Art Studio.

Sa    Jan 6-Feb 10  |  10am-12pm   (#14741
Sa    Feb 17-Mar 24  |  10am-12pm   (#14742)   
RES $122/NR $172 

After School 
W    Jan 10-31  |  4-6pm   (#14736)
W    Feb 7-28  |  4-6pm   (#14737)  
RES $81/NR $122   
Kids Musical Theatre
Ages 6-13

Study musical theatre concepts including acting, singing and dancing from popular musicals. All roles are equal, and each student has a solo. Participants will build confidence and develop many skills including teamwork and creative thinking. Held at Arts Center of St. Charles.
Ages 6-9
J ungle Book™ and Frozen™
Showcase: March 1 at 5:30pm
Th     Jan 25-Mar 1  |  4:30-6:30pm  (#15050)
RES/NR $165
Powerpuff Girls™ and Beauty and the Beast™
Showcase: March 3 at 1pm
Sa     Jan 27-Mar 3  |  12-2pm  (#15051)
RES/NR $165
Ages 10-13
Beauty and the Beast™ and AIDA™
Showcase: March 4 at 2pm
Su     Jan 28-Mar 4  |  1-3pm  (#15052)
RES/NR $165

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Ages 7-9
Tu     Jan 9-Feb 6  |   6:15-7:15pm   (#15184)
Tu     Feb 13-Mar 13  |  6:15-7:15pm   (#15185)
RES $57/NR $86
Ages 10-12
M     Jan 8-Feb 7  |  7:45-8:45pm   (#15208)
M     Feb 12-Mar 12  |  7:45-8:45pm   (#15209)
RES $57/NR $86

Focus on the foundation of dance through barre and center work with an important understanding of technique. Poise, grace and proper body placement will be emphasized while learning classical dance terminology. Required attire: hair up (out of face), leotard, footed tights and pink ballet slippers.
Ages 6-13
W     Jan 10-Feb 7  |  5:30-6:30pm   (#15186)
W     Feb 14-Mar 14  |  5:30-6:30pm   (#15187)
RES $57/NR $86

Combine cheer and dance moves into exciting routines. Perfect for beginner to advanced students. Required attire: hair up (out of face), t-shirt, shorts, yoga style or capri pant, black jazz shoes or clean athletic shoes.

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Ages 4-10

Red Ball 1   Ages 4-6
a series of fun games and activities, you will explore basic movements and positioning including catching, throwing, hitting, forehand and backhand groundstrokes and the "drop-hit" serve. Scoring will also be introduced.
Sa   Jan 6-Feb 10   |  11:15am-12pm  (#14856)
Th   Jan 11-Feb 15  |  4:15-5pm  (#14855)

RES $52/NR $78   
Red Ball 2   Ages 5-7 
Players will develop agility, balance, basic movement patters, forehand and backhand groundstrokes, serves, return, volley, placement and rally skills.
Sa   Jan 6-Feb 10   |  12-1pm  (#14852)
Th   Jan 11-Feb 15  |  5-6pm  (#14851)

RES $69/NR $104 

Orange Ball   Ages 8-10
Players will develop agility, coordination, dynamic balance, movement patterns, court positioning, scoring and reliable technique on forehand, backhand, serve and volleys.
Sa   Jan 6-Feb 10   |  12-1pm  (#14849)

Th   Jan 11-Feb 15  |  6-7pm  ( #14847
RES $69/NR $104     

Club Basketball Skills Training
Ages 6-10
W     Jan 17-Feb 21  |  5-6pm  (#14982)
W     Feb 28-Apr 11*  |  5-6pm  (#14983)
RES $75/NR $113

Ages 9-11
W            Jan 17-Feb 21  |  6-7pm    (#14984)
W            Feb 28-Apr 11*  |  6-7pm    (#14985)
RES $75/NR $113

New to the game? Interested in playing basketball at school or advancing your skill level? If this is true, this class is right for you. Improve your basketball skills with extensive ball handling, passing, shooting, footwork and competitive game play. Coaches are trained to help you prepare for the next level in a fun and competitive atmosphere.
*No class Mar 28

Baseball Skills
Ages 5-7
Sa     Jan 13-Mar 17  |  2:15-3:15pm       
RES/NR $106  (#14937)

Ages 9-11
Sa     Jan 13-Mar 17  |  3:15-4:15pm       
RES/NR $106  (#14936)

Designed to keep players moving and learning at all times. Learn the importance of proper throwing mechanics, rotational hitting, bunting, fielding, pitching and catching. Speed and agility will be added to increase core strength & mobility for added bat speed, range in the field and linear speed for base running. Bring a water bottle and glove. Held at Geneva Park District Persinger Rec Center.
Girls Basketball League
Ages 6-8               
Tu     Jan 16-Mar 20  |  6-8pm   
RES/NR $126  (#14928)

Players have a positive experience as this non-competitive approach enables all children to play without the pressure of winning or losing. Teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized while practicing and playing games. Instruction skills include dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork, defense, offense and game rules. Held at Geneva Park District Harrison School.

Floor Hockey League
Ages 7-9
Sa     Jan 13-Mar 17  |  9:50am-1:10pm  
RES/NR $126 (#14926)

Ages 10-12
Sa     Jan 13-Mar 17  |  1:20-3:30pm       
RES/NR $126  (#14927)

This super-fun and instructional league will teach children the game of hockey before the skates go on with emphasis on teamwork and having fun. This league is great for beginners and for all-stars who want to sharpen their skills. All games will be held at the same time each week. Each child will receive a team jersey and trophy. Held at Geneva Park District Western Avenue School.

Basketball League
Ages 5-6
M     Jan 15-Mar 19*  |  4:15-5:25pm       
RES $126/NR $176  (#14934)

Ages 7-9
M     Jan 15-Mar 19*  |  5:30-6:40pm       
RES $126/NR $176  (#14924)

Ages 8-10
M     Jan 15-Mar 19*  |  6:45-7:55pm       
RES $126/NR $176  (#14923)

Players have a positive experience as this non-competitive approach enables all children to play without the pressure of winning or losing. Teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized while practicing and playing games. Instruction skills include dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork, defense, offense and game rules.
*No league Feb 19

Tae Kwon Do
Ages 6-10
TuTh     Jan 9-Feb 1  |  5:30-6:15pm   (#14995)
TuTh     Feb 6-Mar 1  |   5:30-6:15pm   (#14996)
RES $64/NR $96
Incorporate basic level kicks of Tae Kwon Do and the basic self-defense techniques of Shaolin Kempo Kung Fu. As classes progress, participants will focus on the basics of sparring with protective equipment. In a fun-filled environment, class is taught in a well-rounded system incorporating the teaching of true self-defense, inner strength and discipline. Uniforms are recommended, not required for beginners; they are required for rank advancement. Uniforms and additional materials are available from the instructor.
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All nature programs below are held at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, 3795 Campton Hills Road, St. Charles.