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Volume 2 Issue 3                                                                                                    March 2011
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Do not pay for a tax refund!
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Tax time!! 
Do not pay for your tax refund!
Do not let the TV ads influence your decision to save a portion of a tax refund. The advertisements are designed to tempt people to make the big purchases at this time of year. Some stores even offer an on-site tax preparation service to customers who plan to make a large purchase. 
Don't Pay for your Refund! Free tax preparation is available with no strings attached.   
tax aid logo
These sites have volunteers trained and available to prepare taxes.

What is Your Tax Refund Plan? 


It is still tax season. Virginia Saves has a great plan to make the most of your tax refund. Every year many people plan to save their tax refund, but it does not always happen. Check out Tax Refund Split to the Rescue! 


This year you can take control of your past, present and future by creating a plan for your tax refund. Virginia Saves recommends a  30-40-30 plan to make sure that this is the year you get out of debt, increase savings and still enjoy life today.



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Virginia Saves Week was February 20-27th and BB&T sponsored our 2nd Annual Virginia Saves Piggy Bank Pageant. Children had the opportunity to create a fun bank and make a savings goal. Virginia Saves hopes to help children develop the habit of saving for their futures. Parents can enroll as Virginia Savers and receive tool to set financial goals and take control!  


Virginia Saves offers resources year-round to our savers. Check out these ways to stay connected with Virginia Saves:


Virginia Saves Website- A host of saver resources and information. Enroll as a saver today!


Virginia Saves Blog -Packed with articles for savers.


Virginia Saves PAGE on Facebook- Daily saving tips and useful ideas to stretch the dollar. 


Virginia Saves on Twitter- Sign up to follow the saving movement on twitter.


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Virginia Savers' Poll
March Theme: The B word!


Thank you for participating in the February poll. The question for the month was 'Do you Balance your Checkbook?' The result show that about half of those responding balance their checkbook. This is one of the best habits to start gain control of the finances! Below are articles to help get a focus on taking control of the checkbook and your financial situation from the Virginia Saves Blog.


7 Ways to Save


Here is a checkbook calculator to get you started.

BB&T Checkbook Calculator


Please take a moment to answer the poll for MARCH. This month's theme is 'The B word!' Look for the results in next month's newsletter. 

Virginia Saves March Poll Question


That is Some Pig! 
The 2nd Annual Virginia Saves Piggy Bank Pageant winners announced!  

The creative juices were flowing when these kids designed banks for the 2nd Annual Virginia Saves Piggy Bank Pageant. BB&T generously donated the savings bonds awarded as prizes to the winners. Check out the winning entries below! 

And the Winners are. . . South Hampton Roads winners

More Winning Pigs! New Valley River winners

Virginia Saves wants to equip parents with resources to teach children wise money choices. More is Caught than Taught is a recent blog article for parents. Virginia Saves encourages parents to use fun activities like the Piggy Bank Pageant to talk with children about money.


Your Financial Reputation
The FICO score  


Credit reports and credit score determine more than if you will get approved for a loan these days. It is important to understand the following:

  • How to receive a FREE credit report
  • What is on a credit report
  • Why items are reported on a credit report
  • How to correct incorrect items
  • How to improve a credit score

It is discouraged to use credit for purchases that you simply cannot afford. Saving the money before purchasing an item is a money smart practice. However, Virginia Saves encourages savers to protect their financial reputation because it affects more then just obtaining new credit.


Don't be fooled by imposters.  There is only one truly free location to get your credit report.  Check out and get your free copy.  Know what your lenders know - get your copy today. 


These articles can get you started with understanding credit reports and your credit score.


What is on your report? 


That is not right! - What to do About Incorrect Items on a Credit Report  


Virginia Saves knows that saving can be hard. It takes discipline and perseverance to become a saver. Family and friends may not value the changes you are trying to implement. Know that saving is a learned behavior and you can be successful! Putting away money today for the needs and wants of tomorrow will provide financial security!
Visit our partners to see the special accounts and deals created just for Virginia Savers.

Change starts with the little things. Start small. Think big! Watch your saving grow! 



Virginia Saves
Virginia Saves is a free resource to help Virginians break the cycle of living payday to payday, become free from dependence on debt and grow savings for future purchases.
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