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Happy Small Business Week

May has been a really big month for us with two large events we did with Constant Contact during Small Business Week. The exciting news is that we are constantly learning while teaching businesses to thrive using traditional, social media and email marketing.  The key to media mixing these elements to your company is to make sure you do the following: 
  1. Your business success depends on satisfied customers - so make that a priority
  2. Set goals before implementing your social media and traditional marketing programs
  3. Use your email as an engine to re-engage with your customers and let them know what you have done lately
  4. For prospects, use email marketing and social media to see how your company is growing and providing service to others
  5. Measure your results on all of these in order to make sure that you are spending your time wisely
  6. Keep an eye on LinkedIn and grow your contacts to increase your services and your visibility
  7. Add quality fans on facebook when you can even at the expense of more fans 
We have a lot of opportunities for you to grow your business in 2012. Join us for the following upcoming FREE Workshops and learn in more detail how to grow your business using these tools.

Good hunting.

I hope to see you soon.

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Liz Harsch has been helping small businesses make more of their marketing budget since 1988.  She has been awarded by Constant Contact as an All Star Email Marketer and an Authorized Local Expert to present Email and Social Media Workshops and offers other Small Business Workshops. For more information to improve your traditional or online marketing program contact Liz at 310-791-6300 at Tailor-Made Advertising in Torrance. Visit Liz's workshop schedule or request her as a speaker to present at your next organization meeting.

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