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in Sustainable Tourism Renewable Energy and Watershed Management 


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Spring, 2013

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Training and Jobs in Your Community 

Local Knowledge - Global Reach


You are invited to participate in the Arezza Network's free, continuing education and training program that prepares individuals in communities around the United States and other countries for jobs and as business owners in the areas of:


Sustainable Tourism, Renewable Energy and Watershed Management


The program is free for individuals, small businesses, local governments and nonprofit organizations in communities currently part of the Arezza Network. If you are not in one of our communities, contact us  to sign-up.


Minimum Six Participants per Community Required

Deadline for Submission: May 31, 2013


Interested local governments and nonprofits in each community can help select local participants and provide a local venue and online communications resources for the program.


Self paced study programs that rely on local team effort


To sign-up: fill out the contact form  on our SET website.


Deadline May 31, 2013 Start June 24, 2013 Opt Out Anytime


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