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Getting the Numbers Right

The importance of unit economics and the associated metrics (CAC, LTV, LTV/CAC ratio) is now well established in the SaaS world. However, accurately calculating the underlying components of these metrics is more complex than many companies assume.

Changing the methodology you use for these can result in unpleasant surprises in your key metrics, as well as losing valuable trends data. So the better a process you put in place for calculating SaaS metrics early on, the more value you will get from them over time.

In this whitepaper, we'll discuss ways to categorize a number of key areas that can have a big impact on your metrics:

*    Customer Success costs 
*    Payment processing fees 
*    Implementation and onboarding costs 
Best Practices

In addition to those expense areas, we'll discuss a few areas where companies often make mistakes early on when they start calculating SaaS metrics, plus give some tips and suggestions on ways to put a framework in place to help make your SaaS metrics calculation a consistent process over time as your business grows and becomes more complex.

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The BenchmarkEngine‚ĄĘ from OPEXEngine is specifically designed for SaaS and software companies to compare your organization's results to peers in the sector, using metrics and benchmarks.

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  • Understand changing business models    
  • Communicate and set the context of your performance to your stake holders
Get the best benchmarking platform
  • Accurate and detailed performance benchmarking
  • Regional meetings with peers
  • On-going analysis of the latest trends in the SaaS and software sector
By joining the OPEXEngine benchmarking community, you can raise the bar within your company and set an outstanding example for your executive team. Contact me today!
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