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Free Will or Predestiny
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Is your life one of free will or is it one of predestiny? Philosophers, theologians, and wise men, throughout all of time, have pondered this age-old question. If it were just fascinating metaphysical speculation, that would be one thing. But this question is far more than speculative musing. It is a critical issue concerning your life and the lives of everyone else. How you live your life can very definitely be influenced by whether you accept that you have been given free will by a creator, or God, or that God has you living a predestined life.

Most schools of theology will agree that humankind is given free will. Yet, at the same time, they will speak of messiahs, prophets and the like, who incarnated on this earth with definite predestined missions for humanity. Is it, then, that some have a predestiny, while others do not? Or is it that all people, even though they are not messiahs or prophets are also subject to living a life that is predestined?


Text is taken from Theocentric Psychology Program - Volume Three, Lesson 17        

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