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July 2014
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Coping with the busyness of our lives with meditation


Many of us become lost in the busyness of our day-to-day lives; we run from appointment to appointment, rush to meet deadlines and often end up losing ourselves.


Meditation helps to reconnect us to the sacredness of our lives; to rediscover who we are at our core essence.


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Choosing happiness


According to Buddhist philosophy, happiness is our own responsibility - and completely within our control.


Choosing happiness can help to overcome depression, anxiety disorders, anger and self-sabotaging behaviours.


Happiness is a practice, and it's on you to learn and use it. It is a mindset you can nurture and train.



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Visit my new coaching and wellness studio for mid-Winter treats that will soothe your body and soul

~ 45 minute Reiki/Seichim ~ $60 (normally $80)

~ 1.5 hour Raindrop Technique ~ $100 (normally $120)
~ 2 hour Egyptian Emotional Clearing ~ $120 (normally $160)  
~ 2 hour Soul Journey with Oracle Reading ~ $120 (normally $160)  
~ One-to-one Soul Coaching� Program ~ $595 (normally $795)

Saturday and week night appointments available.  Please call 0402 504 788 to book.
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It's been so long since I sent out my last newsletter. There have been many, many changes.

I moved house, my coaching and healing practice and have been working on some exciting projects.

But enough about me ~ I've got lots of exciting things to share. 

So read on to get your free heart chakra guided meditation, find out about some exciting workshops and retreats coming up and some articles that will help you to manage stress.
Many blissings,
Free gift ~ heart chakra dancing meditation
As a free gift to you, the team at Chakradance™ would like to offer this dancing meditation for the Heart Chakra, with music by the amazing Dale Nougher.


Give yourself the gift of a little time, and a relaxing space in which to dance it, and it will help soothe and heal your heart, leaving you feeling lighter, more joyful.


Enjoy with our blessings, and feel free to share the link to this page with any friends or loved ones who you think might like it or benefit from it too!


6 week Soul Coaching Circle ~ starts Thursday 24 July
Soul Coaching Group This 6 week Soul Coaching� Circle is a powerful journey of cleansing, connection, inspiration and transformation. Think of it as a detox for your mind, body, spirit and heart which is designed to balance, align and invigorate your life. 
The primary aim of Soul Coaching� is to clear away inner debris, so you can discover your own inner-wisdom.
The Soul Coaching� program will help you to de-clutter your life, connect you with your intuitive self, release blockages that are keeping you stuck, identify your purpose, empower your actions, reduce stress and anxiety, align your every-day life with your inner-authentic self, as well as increase the energy, harmony, confidence, clarity and joy in your life.


Bali Women's Retreat ~ September 2014
Enjoy a nurturing, nourishing week of indulgence in the lush island paradise of Bali. Be with your own essential spirit, focus on emotional renewal, discover new ways of bringing richness and splendour to your relationships..... your hopes.... your aspirations.

This healing week is designed for busy women who enjoy relaxation, pampering, harmony in eating and resting, a desire to embrace inner peace and energy for life.

Enjoy traditional Balinese massages, relaxing yoga, meditation, harmony in eating and resting, aromatic facials, a Balinese cooking class, heart-centred processes, connecting with other women on a similar journey, create beautiful offerings and explore the nature of ritual in everyday life.

Our accommodation is at a lovely family owned specialty hotel set amongst lush rice paddies with beautiful vistas, an exquisite garden setting, wonderful friendly hosts and a natural spring-water swimming pool.