"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there."  

The next monthly America's Soul Cafes are on Saturday, March 4th, April 8, May 6 and June 10, from 11AM-1PM Eastern US time. To determine your time zone, please use http://www.worldtimezone.com 
The Cafe is built on sacred space and is an online free community building environment called the world cafe.  It is also based on a new definition of politics and politician I defined and wrote in my master's thesis from Lesley University in 1993.

America's Soul Cafe and the World Café embodies discovery tools that helps a large group understand a set of issues at their own pace. It ' s great for helping people reach a state of common understanding and alignment.

Non-participating observers are always welcome!   Please RSVP to virginiawoodswain@gmail.com by the day before.  Although latecomers are welcome, please register a day prior to the event!

The Cafe draws on a dream while in New York City on 9/11/01 where a Phoenix (see below) rose out of the ashes of 9/11 inviting Americans to a spiritual renaissance. Looking back at that experience, I realized the Phoenix was America's Soul giving me a new way to look at 9/11. Phoenix, as I call my new book, My Soul's Journey to Redefine Leadership: A New Phoenix Rises from the Ashes of 9/11.  As described in the green area below, I believe a spiritual renaissance happens one soul at a time. America's Soul Cafe is one way to begin. 

Drawing on our longtime commitment to Culture of Peace and  Global Movement for a Culture of Peace at the United Nations, we commit to building an American Culture of Peace through the America's Soul Cafe and the Spiritual Renaissance.

Lisa Stiller was at our inaugural Cafe.  She wrote us:
"This was an amazing experience! I felt so connected to everyone so quickly! There was a very deep level of safety and trust built in at the start. The questions and discussion were open enough to allow for wide interpretation, and there was such genuine affirmation for our contributions.Also the teaching component and resources provided were extremely helpful... Thank you to all of you. Looking forward to the next one!!     

America's Soul Cafes are co-hosted by volunteers  Gene Bellinger, Elva Castaneda de HallRobert Kauffman, Mary Waggoner-Moritz and myself   to bring  together people around the world for America's Soul.  Mary and I were trained at the Fielding Graduate Institute in Fundamentals of World Cafe and are on the ongoing monthly hosting team for the Worldcafecommunity. 
The World Cafe and America's Soul Cafe, a natural and effective way to host meaningful conversations that awaken collective wisdom and engage collaborative action, are effective antidotes to the fast-paced fragmentation and lack of connection in today's world.  The cafes are based on the understanding that conversation is the core process that drives personal, business, and organizational life.

America's Soul Cafe is a project of the Center for Global Community and World Law. After each Cafe, participants will be asked to make a voluntary, tax deductible  donation at gofundme V irginia Swain for America's Soul project.

A spiritual renaissance for America starts one soul at a time. Learn why I changed my focus from the United Nations to the United States at this moment in our history.

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My Soul's Journey to Redefine Leadership: A New Phoenix Rises from the Ashes of 9/11 is a Spiritual Memoir with journal pages  for readers to answer end-chapter questions  as a beginning to their own spiritual memoir. My previous memoir,
A Mantle of Roses: A Woman's Journey Home to Peace is also available through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.
A Message from Virginia Swain

I am a certified leadership agility coach, spiritual guide, facilitator, advanced Reiki energy healer and master coach with 25 years experience on five continents.  I specialize in helping people on their soul journeys--with dreamwork, expressive art, writing a mission statement,training Reconciliation Leaders and more at  VirginiaSwain.com.

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In hope for the revelation of yours and America's soul and how we might unite again,

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