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Message from Executive Director Christie Brown

Happy Holidays to all!  Please note the times we will be closed during the holidays in the graphic below.

We have some exciting things planned for 2017! Our first Building Blocks seminar will give tips on how to measure your impact and some techniques for sharing these metrics with charts that will help your board and others see at a glance. We will also be doing focus groups to better understand the needs of our member and nonmember nonprofits. If you are interested in participating, please email me.  

Exciting new opportunity! We are working with The Cincinnati Project to offer free research work to help nonprofits further their missions. Check out the article below with details. 

Don't forget that we have more than furniture in our warehouse! Blankets, stuffed animals, household and personal care items and more are available through our retail donation partners. Also, be sure to share our offerings with others in your organization so the appropriate staff can take advantage of our wide range of products available. 

Thank you for your partnership,

Christie Brown
CincyProjectThe Cincinnati Project

Do you ever need to do research to make good choices before moving forward on a project? Need to do a program evaluation to see if you are meeting your target objectives? Do you struggle with how to accomplish this? We are excited to share a FREE RESOURCE for conducting this research!

Classroom Partnered Research
The Cincinnati Project includes students working with their professors to conduct research as part of their classroom experience. Students and faculty partner with community agencies to provide information and services that help agencies meet their goals. Community agencies receive the expertise of UC faculty and students for free. Students gain valuable experience by applying the classroom lessons to real-world problems, and agencies meet their goals of helping the people of Cincinnati.

Example: A communications course is looking to   help provide organizations that need public relations work to be done. They are looking to help with items such as branding, mobilizing volunteers, gathering donations, having more effective social media platforms, and making sure messaging is effective.


Collaborative Community Research
Many faculty at the University of Cincinnati work with community organizations and local residents to conduct research that directly benefits Cincinnati. Unlike traditional research that is conceived and led by academics, collaborative community research brings together the academic knowledge and skills of faculty with the local expertise of community members to design and conduct research that addresses problems in Cincinnati.

If you are interested in being a part of or learning more about The Cincinnati Project, contact Curtis Web  to schedule a meeting. Or visit their website:   The Cincinnati Project

New Overtime Rules Put On Hold

By now most agencies are aware that the Department of Labor new overtime rules that were to go into effect on December 1 have been put on hold. To learn more, visit the DOL website.
Building Blocks for Nonprofits Seminars: Upcoming Schedule

Our 2017 seminar schedule for January - April is out!

January 11 Measuring Progress and Impact with Metrics
February 8 Revitalizing Performance Management
March 8 Grants Research and Grant Givers
April 12 Event Planning for Best Success

The "Building Blocks" seminar series is made possible in part by
Interact for Health and  U.S. Bank.   
Reprinted from blog.

Don't Forget the Thank Yous!
Thanking your donors is the most important gesture you can make to show them how much you appreciate their support.  Recognition for those who took their time and gave money to help your cause is the best way to build long-term genuine relationships.  And saying thank you at the right time and in the right way often leads to additional donations from those supporters, both in the short and longer term.

Here is a list of five simple ways you can thank your donors!


Donor Spotlights
Create a Donor Spotlight in your newsletters and on your website and tell the story of a specific donor after interviewing them. When selecting a donor, ask yourself the question: Which donor can I interview that will best represent more of the type of donors I want? When interviewing donors, ask them:
  • Why they work with your organization
  • How giving to your organization has changed their life
  • Ask them about a specific individual or event that they participated in and how being a part of it impacted them
  • Ask them who taught them about giving back
Shout-Outs on Your Website
Your website is the perfect place to show appreciation of your supporters large and small. Posting a message shows you appreciate their time and it's a personal connection that will increase their loyalty to your cause.


Post a Thank You Video
Creating a thank you video does not need to be expensive or time-consuming. With today's technology you can shoot a great video with your smartphone right in your office.  It's a great way for donors to see you and relate to you and makes them feel like you are personally thanking each one of them. Take the opportunity in the video to share the impact you have been able to make in a detailed and meaningful way. Donors love to hear how they have helped change the world for the better.


Give It a Personal Touch with Handwritten Notes
Surprise and delight your donors in a small but meaningful way by sending them a personal handwritten note. Holidays are a great time to add this personal touch, and this outreach can often lead to an additional donation. Host a volunteering event and make the focus of the event crafting these wonderful personal messages. Not only will your donors appreciate it, but it will also give your volunteers a fun event to attend during the holidays!


Create a Photo Collage
Put all of your 2016 pictures and milestones into a virtual photo book and send it to everyone on your donor and volunteer list. Not only will the photos be a great way to show the work your organization does, but it's also an amazing way to remind volunteers and donors why their work matters-and like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Once completed you can send the photo collage out via email, and if resources permit, print it out into a physical book for some of your larger or more frequent donors and volunteers.

Have You Checked Out Our Free Area?

Sometimes we get donations that are not in high demand, more than we have demand for, or just have remained in our warehouse for several months for whatever reason.

We need to make room for new donations coming in, so rather than discard these items, we want to try to find a good home for them. Please check out our new "Free to Good Home" area, just inside as you enter our warehouse showroom. All items within the blue tape line are available for FREE! (Excludes the sign board that reads "Free To Good Home"!) 

These items are free to any member, for agency or agency client use. As with all other items from ReSource, these cannot be taken for resale or for agency staff's personal use. But if you can find a creative use for some of these items, we hope you will take things and benefit from them in some way!

BenefitsMembership Benefits

ReSource membership offers many great benefits. If you are not a current ReSource member, consider joining today! Download our membership application.

Benefits include:
  • Access to warehouse of donated furniture
  • Access to donations from retail partners like Walmart and Costco
  • Event dec√≥r loans (fee to nonmembers)
  • Grant research with
  • Discounts on Building Blocks for Nonprofits seminars
  • Good360 product discounts
  • ThriveGPO discounts at Staples Advantage and more
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