1 oz bottle of Black Jamaican
Castor Oil

and Free mini-poster

Any wholesale order in June gets this free mini poster and a one oz bottle of 100% pure Black Jamaican Castor Oil for  FREE.
No special code needed. You will just get this with any wholesale order you place in June.
It's important for you to know about this. There are a lot of people looking for real Jamaican Black Castor Oil now. It is one of the fastest growing products for a lot of other customers. 
Don't miss the chance to grow your business. If you don't know about this very popular product already, here is an easy way to really find out. 

"All the orders that we have received this far have been exceptional! Thank you for exceptional products and customer service!"  
~ Rodney in Oklahoma City, OK  

Or Call Africa Imports at (800) 500-6120

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