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Snow Wilfong
"Freedom from Rejection and Addiction to Sex"
A Radically Undone Life IN Christ 
Snow Wilfong

"My lifestyle began with one-night stands...
I felt pain and I wanted to hurt others, but I went about it in a very self-sabotaging way."  
 - Snow Wilfong

Snow Wilfong's dramatic story begins with  difficult abandonment issues as a child, devastating rejection as a teen, and perfectionism and over-achievement as an adult. Even though Snow successfully earned an advance degree, and was flourishing in the medical field as a pediatric speech-language pathologist, little did the public know that at night, Snow was living a deviant sexual lifestyle as a swinger... that is, until Jesus miraculously changed the course of Snow's life at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve! 
Snow's story is a powerful testimony that proves that no matter how far your lifestyle takes you away from the will of God -  His salvation, deliverance, and love is as close as the mention of His name.  

Snow Wilfong joined Erin in the radio studio, and this is her story!    

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In Snow's own words, "Two and a half years ago, as a non-believer, I used the name of Jesus as a last ditch effort in a hotel bathtub and was given the gift of salvation. Miraculously, my identity, marriage, motherhood and purpose were transformed from the inside out. Four months later, the Lord led me to Erin Campbell Ministries to hear the Word of God and His desire for intimacy with His children.  For the first time, I heard powerful testimonies of others who were "radically undone" by the love of God too!  As a servant of God, I currently find overwhelming joy in sharing time with Jesus alone, and with others; becoming a Godly wife to my amazing husband, Andy, with completely restored intimacy. My greatest joy is watching the hand of God work in our 6-year-old son, Garith. All three of us now share this renewed life IN Christ!"


"Freedom from Self-Punishment"


The second segment on Water through the Word RADIO is a recorded excerpt from TEACHING Session #8 of the Deeper Living Series entitled; "Forbidden Fruit" 







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