Freeing The "Essential" Self
YPL Posting - Aquarius Edition  

For quite some time, I've noticed that a new year doesn't seem to get into full gear until after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  It appears more and more people are taking time to ponder their resolutions.  And, in that respect, I've been getting more and more questions about what it means to clear negativity.  So, as a result, I've decided to provide some perspective on the subject.


Our spirit/soul/higher self...whichever way you describe it...decides to incarnate to fulfill some aspect of its contract with Creator on this plane.  However, this re-entry means starting out with a blank slate insofar as one's consciousness.


Yet, it's possible that, unbeknownst to us, some baggage may come along with us.   Two examples of this are Negative Contracts/Agreements made in a past life, the terms of which may carry over to affect one's current existence, and Discarnate Entities that can cling to the auras or energy fields of several incarnations, usually out of revenge or hatred for past interactions.


What's more, what some term Guardian Angels might, in fact, be Negative Guides giving incorrect promptings or, worse, one might pick up a Possessive Spirit that wants to cause harm in some way.   


Then, there are Curses/Spells cast by someone, who wishes us ill, or poltergeists that disrupt homes, vehicles, offices, etc.  


While these are all just possibilities, what no one I've worked with can seem to avoid is what's known as a Negative Consciousness Mix, i.e., bad or conflicting information from family, friends, teachers and/or the environment in which one lives that makes one feel unworthy or wrong.


Note that these are all things imposed on us.And, though some might contend they are deserved karma, I contend one of the reasons for reincarnating is to cleanse any negative karma.  These issues come from the outside of the person we are today.  They are not our fault. 


And, I would point out that there is no shame in being attacked by Possessive Spirits.  In fact, they usually afflict the most innocent of beings...those most open and, therefore, most vulnerable.  Similarly, Discarnate Entities are usually attached only to those who have been, in some way, victorious over them in previous incarnations.


Surprisingly, there are more people with these spirit afflictions than I imagined before getting involved with such matters.  But, thankfully, very few are of the type depicted in movies.  The Possessive Spirits are usually just lost souls acting out and the Discarnate Entities, while angry, are not necessarily psychotic.  (The telltale signs of either are evidenced by a pain or problem that persists despite all conventional or even non-conventional means have been tried and have failed.)


The only disruptive issue we do create for ourselves are Negative Emotions.  However, these, normally, start out in infancy or childhood as positive defense mechanisms to help us deal with what we feel are hostile environments.  But, the problem is that, as we grow, the emotions tend to stay at the age they were when created.  Hence, the rebuke, "He/she is acting like a baby."  Indeed. 


The good news is that all of these issues can be dealt with through Entity Removal, Contract/Agreement Nullification, Curse/Spell Removal and an Emotional Maturation process.  Moreover, one can be sealed from further such disruptions. 


And, once these negativity issues are treated or dispersed, the essence of the self is truly free to embrace one's intended purpose.


If you'd like to discuss any issue(s) that might be bothering you or just investigate whether there may be some potential issue(s) that might not yet have surfaced, please feel free to contact me.


Be your essential self,




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