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August 9th, 2017
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Featured Fresh Seafood:
Product of the USA- Good Alternative

In the Florida Keys, Mutton Snapper inhibit both the shallow water over the coralline bottom or the low-relief reef structure searching for fish, shrimp, crab, squid and snails. Mutton Snapper resembles the red snapper as both taste and appearance are very similar once filleted. Mutton Snapper's flesh is considered by most as excellent table fare. The meat is white, flaky and light, and is excellent prepared in a variety of ways. The flesh is firm and ideally suited for baking and broiling, however snapper responds well to just about any cooking method.

Product of Austrailia

Bluefin is deep red in color with a high fat content and marked as sashimi grade. Expect a mild, meaty flavor with a firm texture and large flake. Bluefin tuna, with its deep red color, is often served raw or quickly seared; sashimi, sushi, or ceviche is excellent for this fish and pairs well with all kinds of flavors. If you decide to cook it, bluefin is extremely versatile - grill it, bake it, broil it, or sear it.Tuna needs very little flavor enhancement so just a simple brush of olive oil and a sprinkle of seasoning is all that you need to turn this fish into a favorite

Pacifico is a true, open ocean raised striped bass, not to be confused with the hybrid species. The cold, clear, crystalline waters of the Pacific ocean provides the ideal setting for operation. The grow out site is located near Todos Santos Island, in Northern Baja California, Mexico.  The location was chosen for its ideal oceanic conditions with significant protection from the elements. Local underwater currents in this area, combined with proximity to a submarine canyon, provide natural and sustainable cleansing of the site. The distance from the Mexican coastline ensures protection from land sourced contaminants and allows for isolation and site containment. This premium white fish is prized for its sweet, mild flavor and firm texture. It is often served raw as sashimi, sushi, or crudo and when cooked, pairs well with marinades and sauces.

Oyster Selections:
Raspberry Point, 100 ct. 
Deep cups with a full meat- wonderful salty taste, clean flavor and a delightful sweet finish.

Arrowhead Petites, 50 ct. 
Small in stature but mighty in flavor.

Wianno, 50 ct. 
Plump and succulent with a distinct sweet and briny Wellfleet flavor.

Genuine Blue Points, 12/ 100 ct. 
Characteristic brininess- fresh in flavor, crisp and firm in texture & a sweet aftertaste that sparkles w/ salinity.

Malpeque, 100 ct.
Light bodied and clean on the finish. Perfect balance of sweetness, brine and pickle-like liveliness.

Shooting Point, 100 ct.
Slightly sweet meats w/ an incredible pure brine finish.

Bullseye, 100 ct.
Delectable blend of flavors, a salty sweetness with the slightest mineral hints and a clean finish.

Wellfleet, 100 ct.
Plump meats with a mild, sweet flavor, high brininess and a crisp clean, finish.

Rock Points, 60 ct. (West Coast)
Small, slate colored fluted shells with a creamy and sweet flavor and cucumber finish.
Delaware Bay, 12/100 ct. 
Plump firm meats with a briny and sweet flavor.

Bevans, 80 ct. 
A little less briny than the average, with a meaty texture and a hint of sweetness. 

French Kiss, 60 ct. 
Deeply cupped & perfectly shaped- meats have a profound salinity w/ a mild sweet finish.

Skinny Dipper, 100 ct. 
Exceptionally clean with a plump buttery meat and unique soft salt flavor. 

Glidden Points, 100 ct. 
The well developed muscle provides a lot of scallopy sweetness and texture. The salty waters supple the brine and the crisp, short finish.

Church Creek Cork, 100 ct.
Deeper cup and a thicker shell. The salt is less pronounced with hints of seagrass in the finish. 

Warshore Oysters, 100 ct. 
mid range salinity with a salty sweet finish. 

Standish Shore, 100 ct. 
Sharp brine, buttery texture and a crisp mineral finish.

Pearl Point, 60 ct. (West Coast)
Sweet brine with a robust meat and a melon rind finish
Specialty Selections:
Yellowtail Snapper,  Cut from 2-4 lb., USA
Mutton Snapper, Fillet, Skin On, USA
American Red Snapper, Skin On 5+ lb., USA
Lane Snapper, Skin On, Mexico
Gulf Wild Black Grouper, Skin on, Mexico
Sea Squab Tails/ Northern Pufferfish, USA
Fancy Maine Sardines, Large, USA
Fresh Uncleaned Large Squid, USA
Arctic Char, Iceland
Amberjack, Skin On, USA
Wreckfish, Skin On, USA
Barramundi, Skin On, Indonesia
Cobia Fillet, Honduras
Escolar, Skin On, USA
Kingklip, Skin On, USA
Kingfish/ King Mackerel, USA
Mako Shark Loins, USA
Skate Fillet, Skinless/Boneless, USA
Groper Fillets, Skin On, New Zealand
Skull Island Tiger Prawns U6, New Zealand
Pan Ready Rex Sole, 6-7 oz, USA
Ling Cod, Skin On, 6-10 lb. fish, USA
Aqua Blanca White Mexican Shrimp, 41/50, Mexico

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