Fresh Catch of the Week
Product of New Zealand
Best Choice

New Zealand Greenshell Mussels are larger, sweeter, and juicier than other varieties. Their iridescent greenish-blue shells and light apricot colored flesh make an impressive presentation on the plate. Grown on ropes suspended in clean, well-managed waters, New Zealand Greenshell Mussels are grit free and ready to cook. Served as an appetizer or in soups, salads, or pasta dishes, Greenshell Mussels are sure to impress.
Please note- Greenshell Mussels naturally gape so they will not be closed like the mussels that most are used to seeing. 
-We will be receiving our Pacific order tomorrow morning for Friday delivery.
-Gulf Wild Red Grouper and American Red Snapper are in, however we will not be receiving any black grouper for the week. We also have domestic Yellowedge grouper coming in Thurs for Fri.
-East Coast supplies remain limited as all boats have been in due to the nor'easters. 
-We are not expecting any more Delaware Bay or Genuine Blue Point Oysters this week however, we might see some supplies this weekend. 

Product of the USA- Good Alternative

Fluke is highly valued for its lean, white meat and light, delicate, sweet flavor. Known as the chameleons of the sea for their ability to blend in with the sea floor, this once over fished specie has now become a part of a sustainable, well managed fishery with catch quotas and fishing requirements. We recommend using wine, sauce or moist vegetables to keep the fish from drying out and can be baked, broiled, fried or sautéed. However, Fluke has a delicate taste, so don't over power it with strong flavors.
Product of the USA - Best Choice
Our troll kings are always caught with hook and line in the open ocean and never caught by nets or in the rivers! Our Premium Wild Troll Caught King Salmon are prized by chefs and sought after by many because of the special treatment that the fish receive from the first moment of the catch. These fish are caught in Alaska, one at a time and immediately packed with ice. Unlike other salmon that are net-caught in big numbers, these fish demand the full attention of the fishing vessel crew. 

Product of USA- Good Alternative

Caught in the temperate waters of the Gulf, Red Grouper is popular for its availability, flavor and size. Expect a mildly distinct flavor, somewhere between bass & halibut. Red Grouper is sweeter and milder than Black Grouper, but both have a similar firm texture, heavy flake & good moisture retention. Fillets are great to sauté, grill, bake, steam, broil or fry. 
Product of New Zealand- Not Rated
Groper are caught in New Zealand around the Chatham Islands and Chatham Rise where they inhibit rocky areas to depths of 250 meters. Groper fillets are have a firm, white flesh and are excellent eating quality with heavy flakes when cooked. Expect a delicate and succulent flavor that is best without overpowering sauces. When cooked, Groper remains moist- Cooking methods include smoking, steaming, baking, frying, grilling or poaching.   **Picture from Lee Fish 
Oyster Availability
Bevans, 80 ct.
A little less briny than the average, with a meaty texture and a hint of sweetness. 
French Kiss, 60 ct.
Deeply cupped & perfectly shaped- meats have a profound salinity w/ a mild sweet finish. 
Wianno, 50 ct.
Pump and succulent with a distinct sweet and briny Wellfleet flavor.
Shipshoal, 100 ct.
Deep cupped, aprrox 3-3.5 inches and are perfect for half shell preparation. 
Arrowhead, 50 ct.
A perfect buttery oyster w/huge flavor finish.
Little Bitches, 100 ct.
A cocktail oyster that measure 2-2.5 inches and are full of flavor. 
Shooting Point, 100 ct.
Slightly sweet plump meats with an incredible pure brine finish.
Capital Oyster, 100 ct.
Pure, crisp sea salt flavor with a clean finish.
Church Creek Corks, 100 ct.
Deeper cup and a thicker shell. The salt is less pronounced with hints of seagrass in the finish.
Skinny Dipper, 100 ct.
Medium brine with a salt soft taste.
Salish Sea, 100 ct.
Medium brine with a lingering cucumber finish. 
Irish Point, 100 ct.
Cold, sweet brine with crunchy meat and a smooth mineral finish. 
Summerside, 100 ct.
Moderately briny with plump meats and a complex, sweet vegetal finish. 
Katama Bay, 100 ct.
A salt bomb with a sweet as candy finish. The meats are full and posses a high degree of salinity. 
Specialty Selections
Yellowtail Snapper, USA
American Red Snapper, 5+ lb., USA
Lane Snapper, Mexico
Red Grouper, USA
Arctic Char, Iceland
Amberjack, USA
Barramundi, Singapore
Wild Blue Catfish, Chesapeake, USA
Golden Corvina, Costa Rica
Stone Bass (Meagre), 6-8 lb. fish, USA
Skate Fillet, USA
Golden Tilefish, 8+ lb., USA
 Triple Tail, USA
Greenlip Mussels, New Zealand
Groper Fillets, New Zealand
Orange Roughy, New Zealand
Pan Ready Rex Sole, USA
Rockfish, USA
Dover Sole, USA