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Volume 2 Issue 1                                                                                                  January 2011
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More is Caught Than Taught
Remember, the little ones are learning how to manage money by your example. Children learn a whole lot from what they see modeled in everyday life. They see how family members spend, save, give money. They are forming their ideas about the value of money. Teaching kids about money.

Free Savers Tool


America Saves just keeps getting better!  They have just developed a free savers tool to help you calculate how long and how much you need to save to reach your financial goals. Get started today and find out how you can save more... 

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Happy New Year!!

The New Year is such and exciting time of year. We hope you have a Fresh Financial Start for the New Year. This is a great time to look back at the last 12 months and decide what things helped reach your goals. It is time to change habits that did not move you in the right direction.

Set some new goals for this year. Let The Savvy Saver help keep you motivated and encourage you to meet your financial goals. The best goals are specific in detail, define a time period, and are realistic in nature. For example, "My goal is to save $500 for an emergency fund by the end of 2011." Write your goals down and make a plan to achieve them!

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Virginia Savers' Poll
January Theme: Emergency Fund


Please take a moment to answer the poll for January.  It is only one question! Look for the results in next month's newsletter.


New Year's Financial Resolutions 
New Year's Goals in 5 easy steps. 
At Virginia Saves we encourage you to put the past behind you and take control of your financial future. As you resolve to make 2011 a better year for yourself, look for updates to our website and blog to help you get started.  Here are some actions you can take today to get started on your new course toward financial freedom:
  • Get organized
  • Financial Check-up
  • Make a plan
  • Measure Success
  • Begin Saving

This is a great article you do not want to miss. To read the full article, Click here.

Tax refund
Dreaming about the tax refund.


What do you plan to do with the Tax Refund? Save it, spend it, pay down debt?

Virginia Saves suggest you do all three! Saving some of it prepares you for the next unexpected emergency. Spending allows you to purchase needs or wants. Paying down debt improves your financial outlook.

Click here to read this article.

Follow the Money! 
Track your money in your Savings and Checking Accounts.


Balancing the checkbook is not hard; it is adding and subtracting. This is one of the first steps of taking control of the your finances.  Click here to get stated.
Once you've enrolled with Virginia Saves, track your progress towards your savings goals with the tool from American Saves. A quick account registrations will get you started. "My Savings Tracker." 
Our partners have a wealth of free help to get you started on your path to savings.  Visit and click on partners.  Each has made a commitment to our savers and many have programs that can accelerate your savings progress.

If you have made choices to save by making modifications in your lifestyle, write and tell us about them!  We all can to learn new ways we can continue to live well while preparing for the future!  Please write and share your story.


Virginia Saves
Virginia Saves is a free resource to help Virginians break the cycle of living payday to payday, become free from dependence on debt and grow savings for future purchases.
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