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This Week's
Fresh Fish UN-Fry

Alaskan Halibut
lightly grilled, then basted with lemon and pineapple, served over Forbidden (black) rice with a pineapple mango  jalapeño  glaze

Thursday thru the weekend or until it runs out (call ahead to reserve)

23 Down and Just 2 More to Go

Sad to say, but the Rookery's live outdoor music season is quickly drawing to a close. And somehow...despite all the rain, storms, and flooding we've experienced this summer here in NW Wisconsin...every one of our 23 performances thus far has gone off without a hitch. Outdoors. As we planned.

At the moment it's looking as though that lucky streak could possibly end this Sunday. Then again, you know how quickly the weather can change here in the Northwoods. So despite the current forecast of a 30% chance of light rain at showtime, we prefer to focus on the 70% chance that it won't.

But no matter either way. Because the show WILL go on, indoors if necessary. And with the great duo we have lined up for this Sunday, enjoying an intimate performance inside our warm and cozy bar surely wouldn't be the worst way for you to spend a rainy afternoon.

And yes, for the football fanatics among you, we can always flip on our big screen TV to catch the end of the Vikings game. So sorry, Packer fans. You can blame FOX TV out of Duluth for that, not us. But your game should be over around 3 as well, giving you plenty of time to hightail it over to the Rookery for a few hours of great music.

Similar Dogs  first appeared on our outdoor stage last month as a replacement act when we had to shuffle our schedule a bit due to a cancellation.  Sarah Jane Hale and Joe Lindzius  were so much fun they were the first band we called when we learned we needed to fill another open date. This Superior/Poplar duo performs  a "diverse repertoire of music they dig."   We're pretty sure you will too!

Similar Dogs
Sunday, 2-5 PM

On Sundays the Rookery features a special patio grill menu.  The grill fires up at 1:30 and the music begins at 2.   All seating and dining is first come first served so we recommend you  arrive early to secure your spot!
September Dining Hours

DINNER 7 nights
5:00 PM until last reservation (always recommended)
Rookery Pub Fine Dining
Bar opens at 4 PM

Wineaux WEEKDAYS  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
1/2 price bottles of wine
Cable Nature Lodge

Sunday, 2-5 PM featuring our special patio grill menu

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