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Hawthorne Fish Shack:
Friday & Saturday, 9 am - 7 pm
All other days, 11 am - 7 pm

 This guy.


Following up on last week's report by Oceana indicating that up to a third of fish across the nation is mislabeled, KGW TV ran a news segment surveying some of Portland's leading fish experts. While the report painted Portland in a better light compared to peer cities -- "only" 21% of fish are mislabeled here -- it underscores the importance of trusting your fishmonger and understanding where your fish comes from. At Flying Fish, we always want to educate the consumer and encourage you to ask more about it. Watch KGW's news segment HERE, and check out The Oregonian's story HERE.


SHOOT FOR THE MOONFISH. In fact, you can begin your quest for better fish right here in Portland ... by way of Hawaii. Our Honolulu fish connection this week has a cache of opah -- "moonfish" -- longline caught in the deep Pacific off of Hawaii. Learn more about it under the feature product at the bottom of this email, and try the Aloha-centric recipe at right.


GOT THAT BIGEYE, BIG GUY. If opah's not your speed, well okay, but you're not gonna pass up some of that cherry-red freshness from that same deep Hawaiian blue, are ya? Sashimi ready, the bigeye ahi tuna is guaranteed to please.


#LOCALFOODHERO: FLYING FISH! Edible Portland has announced its nominations for 2013's Local Food Heros, and Flying Fish is up for the Retailer award. Please vote for us on the nominee page HERE, and spread the word on Twitter for your favorite #localfoodhero. Go ahead, vote for us -- we're in it to win it! Thanks!


RAZOR CLAM CHOWDAH. Eat your heart out, New Englanders! This wicked good chowder takes tradition up and over a couple levels. Chef Erika Reagor elevates the creamy concoction with her Pacific Northwest touch, featuring fresh dug razor clams from the Coast. Filling out the flavor are our house smoked bacon and Lady Lane cream. It's the sort of thing that, say you moved back to the east coast, would make you real sad not to be in Portland. Get those salty little hexagonal crackers ready, they're about to live in luxury. As usual, we've also got her steelhead cakes, crab cakes, light tartar sauce, and chimichurri sauce.


FARMER-CHEF CONNECTION: THIS MONDAY IN THE PARK. This incredible educational event isn't just for industry insiders. The annual event brings together farmers, chefs, processors, retailers, and all sorts of professionals within the food industry. $29 gets you a day's worth of workshops, speakers, lunch, happy hour, and invaluable networking opportunities. It's also a great excuse to spend a Monday at the World Forestry Center in Washington Park. You don't even have to drive -- the MAX stops right there. Learn more about the event HERE.


WILD SEAFOOD EXCHANGE: MARCH 20TH ON THE COAST. While we're out pressing the flesh, putting faces behind the fishes, we have to mention this excellent event in Newport. Also featuring a full day of events, this year's Wild Seafood Exchange kicks off with a panel discussion featuring Newport's Local Ocean Seafoods, Peter from Andina restaurant, and some fella named Lyf from Flying Fish Company. Bring your camera, as the Exchange is right next to Agate Beach State Park and will be over in time for a Pacific sunset. Learn more HERE.


COME HALIBUT HUNTIN' WITH US IN ALASKA! We're going back for more this year. The all inclusive, 5-full-day fishing trip to Gustavus, Alaska is ready to action. Kicking off on June 3, 2013, we're aiming to reel in Chinook King Salmon, Rockfish, and honkin' huge Halibut. Best of all, you get to bring back all the fish you catch, vacuum packaged and ready to eat -- at the biggest fish party you've ever thrown. 


We're teaming up with Alaska Anglers Inn, located just outside Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve in the southeastern fjords of The Last Frontier. Click HERE for AAI's website or check out the video below to see more about the lodge and the adventure.  All inclusive, 5 full days of fishing, & all meals $2,390 (credit card transactions +1.5%). Limited spots available. Sign up today! ($500 non-refundable deposit required, thank you.) Contact oregonfreshfish@gmail.com or 503-260-6552. 


Alaska Fishing Video
Alaska Fishing Video


10% SALE FREEZE-OUT: How's about a sale on non-fish frozen meats this week, too, you say? Sounds good to us. Beef, lamb, buffalo, goat, chicken, elk, and venison -- they're all 10% off, this week only. Stock up your freezer, plan some meals in advance, and get your save on. 


FRESH SIDE OF ANIMAL AVAILABLE TOO -- QUARTER, HALF, OR WHOLE. Respectively, that's a quarter cow from Pat-n-Tam's Beef, a half pig from Rainshadow El Rancho, and a whole lamb from Reister Farms. Any way you slice it -- and how you slice it is your call -- that's a lotta meat. It breaks down a little something like ... 


* 1/4 Cow: Approximately 105 pounds of finished product, individually packaged and frozen. $6/lb total cost. That's ribeye steaks to ground and a couple dog bones to boot. Great price. Available immediately, first come first serve. 


* 1/2 Pig: You can butcher it, or we can set you up with our friend Zeph, a local, custom butcher. $3.99/lb, approximately 100 lbs -- chops, loin, hams, bacon ...


* Whole lamb: Approximately 60-65 lbs, $6.49/lb. Likewise, you can cut it up on your own, or we can coordinate with Zeph.

HOW'S THAT CRAB YA? Just a friendly reminder that we've got Dungeness Crabs, lots and lots of Dungeness Crabs, for all your Dungeness Crab needs -- steaming and stewing, boiling and baking, plain ol' pickin' it straight from the shell. 

THANK YOU FOR SMOKING: Brined in local raw honey, smoked on SE Hawthorne, and piled on plates in your home, it's our Signature Series of Smoked Stuff. And this week it includes steelhead, sockeye, kampachi, black cod, scallops, and sturgeon. Ready to eat; just add cheese, crackers, and wine. 

FREE GEL PACKS AND STYROS: We have gobs of each of these always available, so please, just ask. They really do make a difference for transporting your fish home, whether you're going five blocks, five miles, or five hours. 


FLYING FISH, ON YOUR COMPUTER & ON YOUR PHONE: A friendly reminder: not all of our products are available seven days a week. When this email is sent, it includes everything available at that particular time (and some that are forthcoming). Shipments are sometimes small and can run out fast. As inventories may vary, we invite you to like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed, as we often post specials in both of those places that happen in between our weekly emails. We're also on Instagram @flyingfishpdx.  

Thanks for paying with CASH whenever possible.  

Visa / Mastercard / Discover Card and EBT also accepted.


See you soon,

Lyf (pronounced "leaf") Gildersleeve & The Flying Fish Team (Mark, Maria, James, Dave, Brad, Jon, Erika, & Tanna)
Flying Fish Company- Sustainable Seafood
(Goofy) Gildersleeve family - Photo by ronitphoto.com
This Week's Fresh

Fresh - Never Frozen

What a selection!!!
Price Guide Jumbo Sea Scallops
$ = $5-10
$$ = $11-15
$$$ = $15+

Hawaiian Bigeye Ahi Tuna* $$$
Cherry red, sushi quality (HI)

Washington Steelhead $$
Melts in your mouth. Sustainably raised

Columbia River Sturgeon $$
Wild, Local, meaty (OR)

Hawaiian Opah $$$
Sashimi ready, high in good fat

Oregon Dungeness Crab $
Whole cooked & picked crabmeat

Alaska Ling Cod... $$
Sweet and delicate

Oregon Dover Sole $
The most delicate and mild flavor

East Coast Jumbo Sea Scallops* $$$
Dry pack, chemical free

Tasman King Salmon* $$$
Often called the best salmon in the world (NZ)

Canada King (Chinook) Salmon $$
Rich, buttery flavor. sustainably raised B.C.

Black Cod...aka Sablefish $$$
Rich and buttery delight Washington

Netarts Bay Oysters $
Oregon's finest oyster, petite

Willapa Bay Oysters $
One of Washington's finest oyster

Manila Clams $

Penn Cove Mussels $

Kumamoto Oysters $$$
The premier oyster!

This Week's Frozen
Flash Frozen - Never Defrosted


Wild Norway Mackeral* $


Alaska Salmon Roe* (ikura) $$$


Alaska Halibut Cheeks $$$


Maryland Soft shell blue crabs $


Washington steelhead fillets $$


Ivory King Salmon*  $$$


Oregon Albacore Tuna Loins* $$

East Coast Lobster Tails $$

Razor Clams cleaned (WA) $$$

Jumbo Shrimp (Wild USA) 16/20 per lb $$

Wild Oregon Salad Shrimp- cooked and ready to eat $

Alaska Sockeye Salmon* boneless $$

Alaska King Salmon*
troll caught $$$

Alaska Weathervane Jumbo Sea Scallops*  Chemical Free $$$

Ready to eat- Seaweed Salad* No MSG $

Ready to eat- Squid (calamari) salad* $$

Tobiko* flying fish roe $$$

Gluten free Battered Cod $

Oregon Dover sole $

Oregon True cod $

Oregon Ling cod $

Oregon Rockfish (Pacific snapper) $

Stuffed Dover sole rolls $

Oregon Chinook King Salmon* $$

* Sushi Grade


Feature Product
Fresh Hawaiian Opah

Mario Batali -- he's a big fan of Flying Fish, and he's a big dude. So just look how big the opah is he's dancing with at the right. This screen capture is from the Iron Chef episode where he battled his former sous chef Tony Liu using the secret ingredient ... OPAH. (We won't tell you who won, but you can watch it HERE.) 
Opah makes its return to Batali's favorite Portland fish shack this week. Also known as the moonfish, this colorful Hawaiian fish is firm and rich, excellent for a sashimi, or broiled in some garlic butter, or, as this week's recipe portends, a light and delightful treat from the grill smothered in Hawaiian pineapple chutney.
* * *

Thank you for supporting our family owned business.  


Lyf, Natalie, Juniper, & Miles Gildersleeve, and Bonsai the Beagle. 


The Flying Fish Company began in Sandpoint, Idaho in 1979. So that means that it started the year before I was born -- I've literally been around fish my entire life! Additionally, I studied aquaculture at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Florida. Before moving to Oregon in late 2009 I had the Flying Fish business in Park City, Utah. Flying Fish Company Portland is one of four Flying Fish Company locations. They are: Sandpoint, Idaho; Durango, Colorado; Park City, Utah; and Portland, Oregon.  


Opportunities available for additional locations. 

Please inquire for more information: 503-260-6552


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Hours and Locations
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What is Sustainable Seafood?
Hours & Locations 


Shack - Southeast

2310 SE Hawthorne


Open 7 days per week


11 AM - 7 PM, Sunday - Thursday

9 AM - 7 PM, Friday - Saturday  


Please call ahead for 

special orders!   

Lyf: 503-260-6552   


Weekly Recipe 

Spicy Grilled Opah w/

Pineapple Chutney

 Click HERE to view the recipe 



Double up on your Hawaiian heat this week with this taste of the tropics. Spice it as you like it.


Our own stocks, dishes, and accessories, sustainably crafted on site at Flying Fish Hawthorne!

-Fish stock, chicken broth, beef stock, lamb stock, Turkey stock, & cioppino sauce. 
-Smoked Fish, Seafood, & Bacon (nitrate free)
- Sauerkraut
- Cocktail Sauce

- Chef Erika's rotating product line: crab cakes, steelhead cakes, ceviche, pok´┐Ż, chowder, cioppino, cod fritters, candied bacon(!) 
 Grass Fed Beef, Lamb, Buffalo, Elk, Venison, Goat

Pasture raised Pork, Chicken, and Duck


Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, and Locally Raised

100% Grass Fed & Finished (unlike the grocery store)

Click on the colored titles to go to the farm's website:


Beef- 100% Oregon Grass Fed

Top Sirloin, Flat-iron, Brisket, Flank, Skirt, NY, Ribeye, Sirloin tip, Chuck eye,  Roasts, Stew meat, Kabob meat, liver, heart, and Ground


Lamb 100% Grass fed- Reister Farms

Loin Chops, Tenderloin, Rib chops, Sirloin, Ground, Stew & Kabob meat, Sausages


Buffalo 100% Grass fed

Ground, Ribeye steak, hot dogs, Sausages


Pork- pasture raised

Tenderloin, Chops, Baby back Ribs, Ground, and Stew meat


Elk 100% Grass fed

Ground, Stew meat 

Venison 100% Grass fed

Ground, stew meat


Goat - White Diamond Ranch

Chops, Shank, Kabob meat, and stew meat


Local Sausages 

Locally Raised Pork, Lamb, Elk, Buffalo, Wild Boar, Chicken, Venison, Water Buffalo, and 

Grass Fed Beef


Additional varieties and cuts available with 1 week notice please.


YOU CAN FIND ME IN DA CLUB, CAN FULL O' HUB: Ever renewing our commitment to keep it local, we've finally brought in the pounder from Powell, HUB's delicious Organic IPA. These 16 oz cans are ready to roll, still cold from the delivery just a few blocks south of the shack.


We also carry a rotating selection of local Northwest beers, including Pike IPA, Pelican Cream Ale, and Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout.



Speaking of local spirits ... Division Wine's Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are excellent, smooth, and likewise have made the journey of mere city blocks. 

 Additional Products  
Click on the colored titles to go to the farms website.
Local Farm Eggs - Chicken
Fresh, Free Range, Organic Feed, Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, Multiple Local Small Farms.
Brenda's Heirloom Hens
Chicken Scratch Farm
Singletary farms
Able Farms
Glass returnable bottles, non-homogenized, no hormones, no antibiotics, local

Frog Eyes Wasabi

Fresh, Local, Sustainable, Real Root 


Moonbrine Pickles

Naturally fermented, local (although the label still says Boston, the owner Stu now lives in Portland) 


The Beautiful Pig Salami

Hormone & antibiotic free - from Longview, Washington


Aardvark Hot Sauce

Local, Awesome, Addicting!


Rub with Love Seasonings & Marinades

Perfect blend of spices - from Seattle


Avocado Oil
Delicious, Healthy, and perfect for cooking. Roasted garlic, key lime, & original.


Also Available
2012-13 Chinook Book (print and mobile)
Panko Breadcrumbs
California Sushi Rice 
Pre-mixed Sushi Vinegar
High Quality Nori Sheets
Food Inc. DVD
Oyster knives
Free Recipe Cards
What is sustainable? 

Click the links below for more information 

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. For humans, sustainability is the long-term maintenance of responsibility, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions, and encompasses the concept of stewardship, the responsible management of resource use




Click HERE for the Seafood Low Mercury list.  


Want to know more about Sustainable Seafood? Click HERE for more information from the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program. 


Also click HERE for more information about Marine Stewardship Council (MSC Certified Sustainable seafood).


Questions to ask about your fish.


What is the species?


Where was it caught?


What are the methods used to catch the seafood?


Are there additives or preservatives?


Help protect our ocean and all of its inhabitants.


Around the world, many traditional fisheries are threatened with collapse, due to unsustainable fishing practices and habitat destruction.

Some fisheries, however, remain healthy and productive due to successful management, responsible harvesting and advances in contained fish farming.

You can help support sustainable fisheries with the choices you make at the restaurant or the seafood counter.

Reel 'em in: Lyf pulls a 10 pound Steelhead trout via flyrod (spey). Grand Ronde River, Eastern Oregon.