2017 Newsletter
Fresh Off The Press
Presented by Schumann Printers, Inc.

Schumann Printers, Inc. is excited to release our third newsletter of the year. This issue features our new semi graphic from Mad Wraps LLC, details on Print 17, and important new postal information. 
Industry Updates
All the latest news on the paper, print, and postal industries. 
Paper prices are on the rise. Coated and Uncoated are experiencing price increases across the board. Also, a slight dip in July shipments of printing-writing paper.
American Forest & Paper Association Releases Printing-Writing Paper Report

Print 17 is coming up. In Chicago, from September 10th to the 14th, Print 17 will feature the latest innovations in the print industry. Map out your route by checking out the Print 17 floor plan. Additionally, a helpful guide on how to keep your color from altering in production. 

Explore the future of how mail will connect the print and digital world. U.S Postal Service releases unfortunate results from their third quarter. Expect price increases on postal services next year.  
SPI News
Catch up on all the new happenings at Schumann Printers. 
Winner of Printer Industries of America Award

On June 23, 2017, Schumann Printers, Inc. of Fall River was awarded a 2017 Premier Print Award, for outstanding achievement in the production of Directories and Source Books. The Premier Print Awards are the graphic arts industry's largest... Read more
New Wrap, New Look!

See something new rolling around Schumann Printers, Inc. lately? A recent collaboration with Mad Wraps LLC has resulted in a brand-new vinyl wrap on a new trailer from the SPI fleet. 

Click here to check out the early mock-ups and final design.  

SPI Becomes a Mail Anywhere Printer

In July of 2015, Schumann Printers, Inc. became officially authorized as a Mail Anywhere printer/mailer. For those who did not know this exciting news, we are making this our official announcement. 

Click here for some more information about the Mail Anywhere program.

Employee Spotlight

Meet Wesley Jankowski! As our in-house history buff and fan of Franklin D. Rosevelt, he has worked for SPI for 22 years. We are proud to highlight this months SPI's "Employee Spotlight." Every month we randomly select an employee to recognize and learn more about. 

Click here to find out more about Wesley.   
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