2017 Newsletter
Fresh Off The Press
Presented by Schumann Printers, Inc.

Schumann Printers, Inc. is excited to release our fourth newsletter of the year. This issue features news regarding recent paper mill shut downs, a video of our new Gämmerler's first run, and new postal changes becoming effective in 2018. 
Industry Updates
All the latest news on the paper, print, and postal industries. 
Drastic changes are occurring in the paper industry. Two major paper companies have closed their doors. 

Lately, lots of innovation has been happening in the print industry. Be sure to take a look at Magna's new black-light sensitive ink. 


PRC has approved price increases for January. UPS and the Postal Service get an in-depth look into why they are one of the highest ranked companies for community impact.  
SPI News
Catch up on all the new happenings at Schumann Printers. 
The Gämmerler Has Arrived!

Precise trim is an important element of postpress processing. Gämmerler has set the benchmark in inline trimming technology. Modular in design the RS 111 consists of two rotary trimmers and a bumpturn that flows product into two more rotary trimmers. The RS 111 can be easily moved between production lines, which take full advantage of Gammerler's rotary knives with interchangeable cutting segments.
At Schumann Printers, we produce signatures with multiple 2 page inserts that trim four sides at extreme high speeds netting thousands of 2-page FSI per hour. In addition, glued products can be easily and efficiently trimmed on 3 sides.

Click here  to see the Gämmerler in action during its first run. 

SPI & Green Valley Partnership

Over the past year, Green Valley Enterprises, Inc. and Schumann Printers, Inc. have been working together to form a partnership to provide opportunities in the workplace for individuals with special needs. Green Valley recently awarded SPI with a Certificate of Recognition to acknowledge the successful implementation of multiple individuals into positions that match their skill sets.

  Click here  to read more. 

Employee Spotlight

Meet Chris Terry! He is an avid concertgoer and a fan of Johnny Cash. We are proud to highlight him this month for our SPI "Employee Spotlight." Every month we randomly select an employee to recognize and learn more about. 

Click here to learn more about Chris.   
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