"There is a cozy, charming 'Den'
by the Lake in Ocracoke
and it has made a
happy place in our lives!"
Painting of Coyote Music Den's William David Williams house by Mark Brown
We want to share the MAGIC
with EVERYONE . . .
Photo by Jessie Morrissey
Tuesday, July 10th
Summer Fave from Richmond, VA
"You Can Trust Your Heart"
by Dave Pollard
with Lou Castro & Marcy Brenner
Coyote Music Den
Wednesday, July 11th
Photo by Carol Woolgar
"Sleeping With Lucky"
by Marcy & Lou
June 2018
Ocrafolk Music & Storytelling Festival
Martin Garrish & Friends
"Playing Your Ocracoke Memories"
Friday, July 13th
"The Big Sandy"
Lou Castro, Martin Garrish
and Marcy Brenner
April 2018
Coyote Music Den
Mr. Lou
Every Friday in July!
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