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"Jumu'ah" Timings - June 23rd, 2017
Al-Hilal (ICN Ogden)
1:10 p.m. - Sh. Omar Hedroug

2:10 p.m. -  
Br. Nasar Azam 

Al-Hidaya (ICN Olesen)

1:10 p.m. - Sh. Rizwan Ali

2:10 p.m. - Br. Wali Khan

No individual, group, or organization is permitted to make statements on behalf of ICN or claim to represent ICN without explicit permission and authorization from the ICN Board. Violators shall be subject to applicable sanctions including revocation of their ICN membership. This restriction is designed to protect the ICN institution and community. Jazakumullah Khairan for your understanding.

Please do not drop off clothes or other items in the masjid without permission
We have no place to store them.
Olesen Masjid: 
block driveways and mailboxes; do not drive fast or rash;  be considerate of neighbors. We have received complaints.
Ogden Masjid: 
PLEASE DO NOT park in the driveway or block entrances and exits.
If you are double parked, please move your cars immediately after salat. 
Please DO NOT 
make a U-Turn on Ogden when you turn right out of our parking lot.  
Many cars have been ticketed.  
Me ssage from The Qur'an


Zakatul Fitr (FITRA) - $10 per person
Fitra of $10 per person is due for every person in the household and should be paid well ahead of Eid so that the recipient can get the money before Eid, So, please pay your Fitra as soon as possible by one of the following ways:
  • Drop off cash/check in Donation Boxes at both masajid labelled "Fitra" 
  • Pay online and pick "Fitra" from the dropdown menu
Please Pay your share of Ramadan Expenses
ICN incurs a number of expenses to provide all services in Ramadan and we need the entire community's support to cover these costs:

The estimated expenses per night is $2,500 for Ogden and $1,800 for Olesen. The expenses include Iftar Dinner, Utilities (Electricity/Water), Maintenance, Supplies, Janitorial Expenses, Garbage Removal, Huffaz Honoraria, etc...
"The Prophet (peace be upon him) was the most generous of people and he was most generous in Ramadan" (Bukhari & Muslim)
ICN- Cub Scouts


ICN- Women's Committee- Swimming Event



If you have a talent or skill which you like to share with others in the community, now you can do that by registering with ICN Sharp program. Complete the form to join ICN Sharp program and someone will contact you, Insha Allah!




ICN-Sharp- Soccer
For Registration, please click here 

Muslim Women's Alliance

Muslim Youth Camp


ICN Launches Free Medical Clinic


 Learn Islam class

Arabic and learn islam classes for reverts have resumed at fischer middle school.

2017 Prayer and Iqamah Time Table / Calendar for ICN
The ICN 2017 Prayer and Iqamah Time Table / Calendar is available for purchase at both masajids.
Cost per copy: $5

ICN Youth Launches New Ansaar Service

Arabic Program
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The ICN programs and Jummah khutbahs are posted on the ICN YouTube channel - "ICN Masjid"
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The masjid depends on your donation to run operations

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Please DO NOT Drop Off Clothes/Books/Tapes/CD's

Please do not bring any donation of clothing etc.  We have no place to store them.

If you are a business that would like to propose a service to the ICN Community members, please submit your proposal  to: 
that will be reviewed by the board.

Questions/ Concerns /Suggestions?


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Recurring Announcements

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Eid Fest

Annual ISNA Convention

ISNA- Community Service Recognition Luncheon

Annual ISNA Convention

ISNA-Young Professionals Luncheon

SAFe-Scrum Master Certification

Support Rohingya Cause

Chicago Muslim Matrimonials

LocalNaperville -  Join the Conversation with Neighbors

Please come and join the conversation with your neighbors and local community on Facebook Local Naperville Group - , and Follow ChangeRationale on Twitter.

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