March 29, 2018
Runnels has always been the school for all races, religions, and national origins.

In this week's Thursday edition of the Friday Focus : STEM Building Challenge; Senior Named Finalist in Exchange Club's A.C.E. Scholarship Program; Raider Rally is April 10; High Marks for Runnels at Math Convention; Coming Together for Fun and Fitness; Physical Science Students Measure Reactions; Seniors Recruited for College Teams - Part Two in a Series; Thank Yous; Kudos; Friendly Reminders; Weekly Photo Album; and Athletic Corner.

Fourth-Graders Take on STEM Building Challenge
The 4th graders in Ashley Stevens' science classes have been working on a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) building challenge to create Scribble Bots. 

"A Scribble Bot," said Mrs. Stevens, "is a robot made using a hobby motor, a battery, a few wires, a glue stick propeller, and any type of container to attach markers to, such as a cup. Once a circuit is complete (by taping on a battery), the Scribble Bot will bounce and wiggle around making designs on paper." 

In class recently, students worked in pairs to build their Scribble Bots. "This activity combines basic circuitry with creativity and gives students hundreds of open-ended engineering possibilities," said Mrs. Stevens. "The students can try out different arrangements of parts and locations of the markers to see how the patterns change. All machines that can scribble are successful."

(Photo: Limmie Bailey and his 4th grade science teacher, Ashley Stevens, work on a Scribble Bot.) 
Senior Named Finalist for Exchange Club's A.C.E. Award
Senior Kaitlyn Roy was selected as a finalist in this year's A.C.E. (Accepting the Challenge of Excellence) Award Program sponsored by the Exchange Club of Baton Rouge.

She will be recognized for her accomplishments and presented with a certificate and small monetary prize at a meeting of the Exchange Club on April 18. If she wins at the local level, Kaitlyn will advance to the district competition and the possibility of winning a $1,000 scholarship. District winners move on to the national contest, which carries a $10,000 award.

A.C.E. awards are presented to graduating high school students who have achieved high levels of community involvement, scholastic achievement and leadership while overcoming obstacles.

Kaitlyn, who was diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease at the age of five, wrote about her struggles with overcoming the condition in her application for the A.C.E. award program. Having Legg-Calve-Perthes, which restricts blood flow to the ball and socket joint of the hip, meant no sports and no running or jumping during most of her childhood.

"I chose to write about Legg-Calve-Perthes," she explained "because it is extremely rare in girls. I also have it bilaterally (in both hips), which occurs in only 10 percent of cases." Though she was able to start participating in sports in 6th grade, Kaitlyn is still coping with the impact of the disease. She said that she anticipate needing double hip replacement by the time she hits 25 or 30.

An honor roll student and AP Scholar, Kaitlyn is a member of the Sr. Beta and Student Ambassador clubs and vice president of the National Honor Society. She also was a cheerleader, varsity tennis player and seven-year member of the Lady Raider Volleyball team.

Kaitlyn is the daughter of Krista Rawlins and Richard Roy. (Photo: Kaitlyn Roy) 
Raider Rally Coming Up Tuesday, April 10
Join us on the elementary playground Tuesday, April 10 from 5:30 to 8:00 pm for the annual Raider Rally! Dinner plates will be available for $7 each for either a hamburger, chips, cookie and a drink or two hot dogs, chips, cookie and a drink. Tickets for games (and some treats) will be sold at the gate. Individual tickets are 50 cents each. Strips of tickets will be available for $10.00. Runnels logo apparel and merchandise will be available for purchase by cash or check only.

The Raider Rally is a school-wide fundraiser sponsored by the Booster Club. Proceeds will benefit various Runnels classes, clubs, groups or athletic teams. Thank you in advance for your continued support!

High Marks for Mu Alpha Theta at State Convention
Runnels proved a strong contender at the 2018 Mu Alpha Theta state convention last weekend at the Crowne Plaza in Baton Rouge. The annual event drew approximately 800 students from 35 schools.

The 13-member Runnels team finished 2nd in the Quality awards. “This is an amazing honor,” said club sponsor and Jr./Sr. High Math and Science Department Head Karen Matthews. “Runnels had the 2nd highest number of average points per student among all the schools at the convention."

In the games category, freshman Connor Porthouse earned a Top Cipherer award by scoring the highest number of individual points among all students competing in the Theta (Algebra 2) contest. Ciphering, Mrs. Matthews explained, is a speed game. Students rack up points by answering math questions in an allotted amount of time.

In area tests, senior Alex Matthews was 1st in Statistics, and senior Sam Matthews came in 3rd. In the Theta (Algebra 2) area test, Connor Porthouse finished 3rd. (Photo: Runnels Mu Alpha Theta competitors with medals and ribbons they won at the state convention last weekend.)

Coming Together for Fitness and Fun
The kindergartners and their 6th-grade buddies joined forces to take on a 32-station fitness challenge on the afternoon of March 26 on the elementary playground.

The stations on the circuit, designed and set up by kindergarten fitness teacher Mary Winnett, promoted a variety of fitness skills including balance, coordination, agility and strength.

The kindergartners and their buddies participated in criss-cross rope walking, hula-hoop jumping, a tire run (with 16 tires donated by Sherwood Car Care), an agility ladder walk and a wide variety of other fitness activities requiring tossing, catching, skipping, balancing, running, jumping and galloping. 

 “It was a joyful afternoon,” said Mrs. Winnett. “It was wonderful to see the interaction between the kindergartners and 6th graders. The 6th graders were kind and patient, and the kindergartners enjoyed showing their 6th-grade buddies how to do some of the routines, which they had learned how to do in their daily kindergarten fitness class.” 

(Photo: Tackling the tire run at this week's fitness challenge are kindergartner Ellie Vagi and her 6th-grade buddy, Alyssa Oubre.)

Physical Science Students Measure Reactions
A lab in Marcy Faust's physical science classes this week had students reaching for stop watches and thermometers to learn about endothermic and exothermic reactions.

"We've been working on reactions that release energy (exothermic) or absorb energy (endothermic)," said Ms. Faust. In a lab on Monday, students used thermometers to measure -- at 10-second intervals (hence, the stop watches) -- the temperatures of two solutions undergoing reactions to determine which released energy and which absorbed it.

For the first experiment, students added baking soda to a citric acid solution and measured the temperature every 10 seconds for one minute or until the reaction was complete. For the second experiment, they added baking soda and calcium chloride to water in a beaker to make a solution and repeated the measuring routine.

The students discovered that in the first experiment (citric acid solution), the temperature went down, indicating that energy was being absorbed and that the reaction was endothermic. In the second experiment, the temperature went up, indicating that energy was being released and that the reaction was exothermic.

The hands-on lab was a great way to illustrate a complex concept to budding scientists.

(Photo: Measuring and recording data on reaction experiments in Ms. Faust's physical science class are, from left, Emily Reid, grade 8, freshman Jacob Folse and 8th grader Gareth Oram.) 
Seniors Sign with College Teams - Part Two in a Series
Several of our seniors have been recruited for college teams and will be recognized at a signing ceremony in our gym on April 26. Over the next few weeks, we'll shine a light on these athletes and tell you where they're headed.

Stand-out swimmer Jordyn Miller has made a commitment to jump in the pool for Birmingham-Southern College as a freshman on the Panther swim team this fall. Recruited for the butterfly and butterfly portion of the IM, she recently broke her own record by swimming the 100 butterfly in under one minute (59.85)!

A varsity swimmer since junior high, Jordyn has been on the podium at LHSAA state swim meets for the last three years. As a sophomore, she placed in the top three in the 100 butterfly and 500 freestyle, and in her junior year, she finished 2nd in the 500 freestyle. This season, she was state runner-up in the 200 yard IM and 100 butterfly.

Jordyn, who practices six days a week at Crawfish Aquatics, also finds time to play the harp, which she's been studying as part of her regular school day at Runnels since her elementary school days. She said that she will continue to pursue her interest in music at Birmingham-Southern College, where she has been awarded a Fine and Performing Arts Scholarship and a Greensboro academic scholarship.

Congratulations to Jordyn, her parents, Kevin and Tammy Miller, and her coaches at Runnels, Matt and Leighanne Kiggans. (Photo: Jordyn Miller)
The Harpers Hit a Home Run
Runnels 7th grader Jonathan Harper and his father, Chad, noticed that most Little League baseball fields didn't have working scoreboards. After last season, they began developing the first ever portable, roll up, wireless scoreboard to address the problem.

GoScoreboard was created using programmable LED lights, a microcontroller, and Bluetooth module mounted to a vinyl banner ( See photo ). It is controlled through a custom Android smartphone app. Jonathan learned two different programming languages to help program both the scoreboard and the app.

They encountered several challenges including Bluetooth communication, battery capacity, and wiring problems, but were able to solve them all in time for the new season.

The prototype has been successfully used at Runnels Jr. High baseball games this season. The Harpers are looking into patent options and possible ways to begin manufacturing or licensing their new invention.

(Chad Harper and his son, Jonathan, with their GoScoreboard.)
We Sincerely Thank...
Spring Fling Snoballs and a Tripod
... The RPO for providing a Spring Fling Snoball Snack to our 7th-12th graders on Wednesday and K-6th graders on Tuesday of this week. Special thank yous go to the parent volunteers who joined us on campus to serve up this frosty treat to the youngsters. (Photo: Hudson Hillman, grade 10, chooses a flavor for his snoball.)

... Chad Roark, father of Stuart, grade 6, for donating a professional tripod for use in creating the Raider Wrap Up.

Preschool Egg Hunt and Hat Parade

... The Sr. Beta Club and sponsor Michele Stanfield for hopping over to the preschool today to assist with the annual egg hunt and hat parade. (Photo: Sr. Beta volunteers include, back row, from left, Ila Bordelon-Walker, Sarah Stanfield, Aubri Watts, Kelly Nguyen, Ryan Carrier, Abby Courville, Caroline Henning, Sydney Markham, Rachel Wehbe,Tyler Robbins; front row, Bailey Hyatt, Anna Manning, Ryan Ly, Catherine Bonaventure and Hannah Cassano.)

Congrats to 8th grader Cooper Smither for winning 1st place in the 2017-2018 Kinghts of Columbus Patriotism Essay Contest. (Photo: Cooper is presented with a plaque and a $300 cash award at the Bishop J. Ott Knights of Columbus Patriotic Banquet on Mar. 24.)
Kudos to sophomore Aubri Watts for being named a finalist in the 2018 Holocaust Writing Contest sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Baton Rouge. Her essay was submitted by English teacher Colleen LeBlanc.
Winners will be announced at a Holocaust Memorial Service on Sunday, April 8 at 4:00 pm at the Beth Shalom Synagogue in
Baton Rouge.
Hats Off to our cheer squads and sponsor Sherry Wilks for putting on a fabulous pep rally in the Catalano Gym on Thursday. Many thanks to them, dance instructor Rachel Hart, and the "pep" band, directed by Jill Swetnam, for an eggcellent time! ( Photo: Senior Kyle Sieberth takes on a shoe challenge at the pep rally as Mrs. Wilks eggs him on. )
Friendly Reminders
Mar. 30 / Apr. 8 – Spring Break

Apr. 9 / School Resumes

Apr. 10 / Raider Rally, 5:30 pm on the Elementary Playground

Apr. 10 / The “R” Factor - Runnels Talent Show, 2:00-3:00 pm in the Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre. Students in grades 7-12, parents, guardians and friends are welcome to attend. Tickets are $5 per person. The last day to purchase tickets is Monday, April 9.  Student tickets must be purchased through Smart Tuition . Guests may buy tickets at the door.

Apr. 11-12 / Youth Legislature for 8th Graders

Apr. 11 / National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, 11:50 am, Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre

Apr. 13 / Army War College Presentation for Grades 11 and 12 , 12:30 pm, Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre

Apr. 14 / Harp Recital , 10 am, Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre

Apr. 14 / Jr./Sr. High Prom , 7:00 - 10:00 pm, Lake House Reception Center

In this week's album: Math Egg Hunting, Scribble Bots, Snoballs and P.J.'s, Pep Rally, 1st Grade Egg Relays and Rainbow Egg Science, 3rd Grade Math Games, Kindergarten Egg Dissection, 7th Grade Field Trip and Candids.
Athletic Corner

Mark your calendars! Friday, April 13 at 3:30 pm our school will host the 2018 District 7B Track and Field Championship meet. Wondering where? Running Raider coach Julie Fink explains: “We’ve always had a great relationship with the staff at Broadmoor High School. That’s where we train for our events. It turns out that no school in our new district has its own Track and Field facilities. When I told Broadmoor our dilemma, they graciously offered to help by allowing us to use theirs.”

Coach Fink and all of the athletes are excited about the meet. “With the change to district 7B, hosting this event will give us a chance to showcase our entire school,” Fink says. “We really want to put Runnels in the spotlight.”

Coach Fink is hoping to fill the stands with students and parents alike, so they can not only cheer on our athletes, but also see what Runnels Track and Field is all about and maybe join next year. “We’re really calling on the entire Runnels family for a great show of support,” Coach Fink added. If your club or organization would like to help, contact Coach Julie Fink at
Cade Tate
Griffin Kennedy
Humza Pirzadah

Kudos to junior Cade Tate for being selected to the 2nd Team All-District for Boys Basketball in District 7B and to senior Humza Pirzadah and junior Griffin Kennedy for making honorable mention.

The Raiders baseball team is currently 6-7. On Wednesday, the varsity baseball team lost to Episcopal 7-1. Jake Best led the Raiders with two hits and an RB, with Ricky Harrison scoring the only run for the game. On Tuesday, the Raiders dropped a doubleheader to Doyle. The boys were leading most of the first game, but gave up the lead in the sixth inning to fall 5-4. In the second game, the Raiders lost 11-0.  


At the Alan Brown Relays on Wednesday, the Track and Field Raiders continued to make improvements as they prepare for the championship phase of the season. The girls team placed 4th out of 9 teams, scoring 50 points. The boys placed 10th out of 12 teams. Scoring points at the meet were: Kaylen Howe, 1st in the 800m; Annie Fink, 2nd in the 1600m and 3rd in 800m; Micah Roper, 3rd in 1600m and 2nd in 3200m; London Deshotel, 2nd in javelin and 4th in high jump; Sydney Worsham, 4th in 3200m; and Sam Matthews, 3rd in 1600m.

The softball team is now 15-6 on the season. The Lady Raiders are ranked #2 in the state with only 4 games left in the regular season.

Leading the team are Anna Manning, batting a .481 with 6 RBI’s and 10 Stolen Bases. Right behind her is Sarah Soileau, who is batting a .462 with 10 RBI’s and 10 Stolen Bases. 

The Ladies take on Tara next Tuesday at 4:00 pm.

Celebrate Senior Day and cheer on the Lady Raiders on Saturday, April 7 at 11 am as we take on Episcopal at home.

Yesterday the Varsity Tennis Team took on Lee High at City Park and scored another victory, winning 7 of their 9 matches. Both Elizabeth Daigle and Eric Huygues were triumphant at their #2 Singles positions and won without losing a game.

Seniors Austin Stansbury and Harrison Bonaventure won their Doubles match handily as did Daniel Mayeaux and Evan Beoubay. Ryan Lam and Ian Lansing needed 3 sets to get past their formidable opponents at #1 Doubles, but fought hard and claimed the win.

(Photo: Anna Kadi in action on the court.)

The junior high baseball team is 3 and 1 for the season so far. On Tuesday, the Raiders took on the Astros, winning 6-0. Jonathan Harper threw his first a no-hitter with Ben Hader catching. On Wednesday, the boys played the Raptors. The Raptors took an early lead, while the Raiders played a tough game of catch-up, ultimately losing, 3-6.

(From left, Coach Brent Hoeprich, Jonathan Harper and Ben Hader.)

The 6th grade volleyball team won its first match on Saturday morning against The Church School, 25-20. On Monday, the Lady Raiders beat Episcopal at home, 25-24. The Ladies clinched the first game with five straight Aces by Caroline Pousson. In the second game, the Raiders took the win with an all-around team defensive effort and outstanding serving by Pousson and Julia Brashier. Reilly Wilks sealed the win, serving five straight aces.

(Photo: Junior high volleyball team, back row, from left, Julia Brashier, Reilly Wilkes, Lily Hayden, Mikalyn Shay, Caroline Pousson and her aunt, Coach Carol Boudreaux. On the front row are Hope Oubre, Emma Felton, Addie Watson, Alyssa Oubre and Summer Guerin. Not pictured are Lauren Tolson and Megan Shaneyfelt.)

After just two meets, the junior high Track and Field Raiders are making their mark on the track and in the field. Ribbons were awarded to the top 6 finishers: Blaiklee Guillot and Sydney Worsham for shot put, Mikalyn Shay, Hope Oubre and Alyssa Oubre for discus, Brock Toney for high jump, Chloe Bueche for long jump, Sydney Worsham for 400m, and Dawson Latona for the 800m.


Varsity Baseball vs. Mt. Hermon at Home – 4:00 pm

Lady Raider Softball at Tara – 4:00 pm
April 5 Varsity Baseball at Mt. Hermon – 5:30 pm
Lady Raider Softball at Northeast – 4:00 pm

Lady Raider Softball vs. Episcopal at Home – 11:00 am Senior Day!

Varsity Baseball at Dunham – 11:00 am

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Please include the date and location of the event and the students pictured .