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                         November 17, 2017

Season:  Ordinary Time                

Easter Service
                   Rev. Kathi's Message:
O God, I want patience...
and I want it now!

Sorry, it's an old joke but it still works.

Patience is hard, and our fast-paced, efficient society filled with conveniences makes it harder. We are used to quick and quicker. But the price we pay with our souls and our relationships is evident. So, we counter it with yoga, meditation, the slow movement and so on.

But what's the big deal with a little impatience?  Apparently, a lot.

For starters, it's pretty uncomfortable to be around someone who is irritable and who cannot wait to move on to the next thing.

Impatience breeds many problems like communication breakdowns; suspicion; bad decisions. These in turn can lead to burnt bridges, broken hearts, shattered relationships and regrets that sap hope and faith for the future.
This inevitably leads to raised voices and circular arguments. And if we are not careful, our souls cave in to anxiety and anger along with the impatience. Our relationships then get coloured by such episodes and the entire atmosphere can change. This is the rot of Impatience.

Jesus asked us to consider the lilies of the field. That's not the easiest thing to do! We say to 'take time to smell the roses' and by that, we mean a quick, token whiff that is an insult to all roses. The lilies' splendour and beauty come in their time and even the wisest and richest king could not arrange for such an array.
In our culture of instant satisfaction, we do not know how to wait. If the ATM takes too long, if the person ahead of us in traffic doesn't react to the green light fast enough, our blood pressure rises along with our anxiety level. We have learned to survive and cope, rather than thrive. We are a jangle of nerves. We are breathless. The core of our being is eaten up by the demands. We lose sight of why we are so busy and anxious, and don't have the time to find out.

Patience is a choice, and if we can go to God in prayer regularly and let the words of scripture sink a little deeper, we can trust that although things may not seem to be the way we like them, we can continue to sow and wait for the harvest.

Because growth takes time. A life takes a lifetime. And we don't need impatience to ruin it.
Next week, we begin our Advent journey together. The theme chosen by the Worship team is "What are you waiting for?" This is a gentle reminder that, though the rest of the world maybe rushing to Christmas, we can be patient and enjoy the waiting.

Rev. Kathi

        An Attitude of Gratitude

Our Stewardship Program for 2017 is at the mid-point, with the number of returns to date slightly ahead of last year. If you have not returned your commitment form, please do so in the next couple of weeks. As we have stressed before, the results of this program will help guide our budget
preparations for next year. Revenue projections for 2018 will be more accurate if we have as many returns as possible. To celebrate this year's program the Leadership Circle invites you to a luncheon to be served after service on Sunday November 26, 2017.

               This Week at EMUC

Sunday at 10:00 am:  
Worship led by Rev. Kathi Phillips
                                      Celebrating Children's Sunday
                                     Scripture:  Mark 9: 33-37  
                                                        Mark 10: 13-16
                                                        Luke 2: 41-51
                                                        John 3: 1-8
  Story:  'On the Day You Were Born' by Debra Frasier 
Tuesday at 6:00 pm:  Leadership Circle Dinner & Meeting

Wednesday at 2:00 pm:
 Circle of Friends
Prayers & Communion

Thursday at 7:00 pm:  Chancel Choir

Friday at 6:00 pm:  Women for Women

Next Sunday at 10:00 am:  Worship 
led by Rev. Kathi
Upcoming Events:

This Sunday we will be celebrating Children's Sunday.  
Universal Children's Day is an international day designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954 and observed annually on November 20 th . The occasion is dedicated to encouraging kids around the world to embrace their similarities and differences.  On the level of international policy, the day is devoted to recognizing the rights of children and promoting their welfare.
We will have an all-ages service and you are invited to bring any young people from your family or friends to be a part of the service.

Next Meeting:  Friday, November 24th    Bake it - Take It
                                    Christmas Readiness !!  Dinner at 6; $10 RSVP to 
                                    Cathy Scattergood by Nov. 20th.
                                    More info posted on bulletin board.

The Annual Salvation Army Christmas concert is taking place at the Living Arts Centre on Sunday, November 26 at 4:30 or 7:00 p.m.  Tickets are $2.00 each to cover the service charge.  If you are interested in attending, please sign up on the sheet on the bulletin board or see Laura Macro for tickets.  While the Women for Women group orders & distributes the tickets, the tickets are available to anyone who would like to attend.

Loaves & Dishes have started making tourtieres for Christmas.  You may place an order by completing the order sheet on the bulletin board or speaking to Sue Ogilvie or Barb Jennings.

For many years, EMUC and friends have been generous sponsors of our Christmas program.  To allow for more consistent giving across families and to address the dietary and cultural needs of those we are helping; rather than having a gift tag tree, special offering envelopes are available for individuals, families or even EMUC committees to make a donation towards the purchase of gifts for the children of our sponsored families.  You could also chose to sponsor a family through your donation, with monies used to provide food vouchers for a special Christmas meal.  Envelopes will are available throughout November and will be collected on or before White Gift Sunday (Dec. 10th). Our youth, both within EMUC and our local community groups, will be assisting this year with the shopping of items and the packing and wrapping of the gifts.  Delivery or pick up of gifts and food vouchers will be made in the usual manner around December 10th Please consider making a contribution this year to help make this holiday special for families in need, in our wider community.  Remember to use the envelopes provided so your donation can be recorded through the church for your income tax purposes.  For more information, contact Sandra Witterick at .

Erin Mills Youth Centre is once again selling poinsettias to raise funds for United Way of Peel Region.  Plants may be ordered using the envelopes on the table in the Narthex until November 26, 2017 and plants will be available for pick-up at EMUC by December 4.
Prices are as follows:
6"  (red)                                $10
8"  (red, pink, or white)         $20
10" (red, pink, or white)        $25
You may dedicate a poinsettia in memory of a loved one and donate it to decorate the sanctuary during the Advent and Christmas season. All poinsettias may be taken home following the Christmas Eve services.  For further information please contact Debby Sturgeon.

We are continuing with FUNDSCRIP, an innovative fundraising program that asks you to purchase gift cards in order to pay for regular items you buy every month.  A percentage of the cards we purchase through FUNDSCRIP is donated back to our church.  Order forms for gift cards will be available the last Sunday of every month. The October cards can be picked up this Sunday.   The next order date is Sunday, November 26.  Please see the display board at the back of the church or speak to Joanne Hines if you have any questions about the program.

The Out of the Cold program is starting up again.  Donations of gently used, clean winter outerwear as well as blankets would be appreciated.  Please bring your donations to EMUC & leave them in the coat room.  They are brought to the Open Door at Square One for distribution to their guests.  Thank you.

The Cupboard continues to receive more and more guests each week.  Please help by donating food and personal care items (the box is at the back beside the elevator) or making a financial contribution to Erin Mills United - Deacon's Cupboard. Please remember that we have no overhead. Every worker at the Cupboard is a volunteer. Currently there is a need for pure apple and orange juice in large boxes or juice boxes, peanut butter, and fava beans.