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                         September 15, 2017

Season:  Creation Time               

Easter Service
Rev. Kathi's Message:

First, can I tell you how grateful I am that you were all so forgiving last weekend when I was late for our first Sunday worship service together?  Thank you for your grace, your laughter and your understanding.  As several people said, we won't forget this first Sunday!
Some of you have asked about my commute.  Until we sell our house in Stouffville and move, the drive in to the church is going to be part of my day.  It takes about an hour in good traffic - I know many others travel a lot longer to work.  I enjoy driving and the 407 Highway is a great road, so I am not at all worried.  Thank you, though, for all of your concern.

The first week of commuting, I was focusing on getting to my exits and finding my way; there was no opportunity to look at the scenery as I passed.  But on Sunday morning, as we sat, not moving, and I was fretting - about being late, about disappointing you, about starting off badly - I looked out my window and saw the translucent moon suspended in the blue sky.  And then a small flock of birds flew across and were silhouetted on the moon and I felt at peace.  That momentary glimpse calmed me and I knew instantly that all would be well.  Sometimes our God has to work to get our attention.

Since then, I have made a point of watching for beauty along the way and I have not been disappointed, although it isn't always obvious.  One afternoon it was sunlight prisming off the windows of a high-rise building, the whole array of colours reflected. Another morning it was a low mist over a newly mowed field and hundreds of Canada Geese eating the leftovers, getting ready for their long commute.

Our God has a way of speaking to us without words, in a language that touches our hearts.  It's a language that we didn't have to be taught, but one that we need to practice or risk forgetting.

My prayer for you this Friday is that you will find beauty and know that the Creator is speaking to you in love.

  In peace, Kathi

This Week at EMUC
Sunday at 10:00 am:  W orship service led by Rev. Kathi Phillips
                                     Scripture:  Exodus 14: 19-31
                                     Gospel:  Matthew 18: 21-35
Sermon:  "Hard Truths and Forgiveness"
              After service:  EMUC Striders hike to Silver Creek

Tuesday at 1:30 pm:  Worship Committee
                    6:15 pm:  Leadership Circle Dinner & Meeting

Wednesday at 6:45 pm:  
Prayers & Communion

Thursday at 12:00 pm:  Worship Committee
                       7:00 pm:  Chancel Choir - new members welcome

Next Sunday September 24th:  Worship led by Rev. Kathi
Upcoming Events:

Again this year there is a request for school supplies to be delivered to three schools in Haiti through Children of Hope Haiti.  A revised list has been made as there is a new school being supported.   A box has been placed at the back of the church where the lists can be found.  Please place your donations in the box.


Sunday, September 17th the Striders hiking group will visit the Silver Creek Conservation Area.  The group will congregate in the narthex after the service for a 'brown-bag' lunch and then car pool to the area.  The Silver Creek Conservation Area includes a large Escarpment valley and many representative features of the area's natural splendour.  Wander past babbling brooks, lush forests, and Escarpment rocks as you explore this little taste of wilderness nearby our urban environment. 


On Sunday September 24th, the first Bunch for Lunch will be held at the Symposium restaurant on Dundas St.   Anyone wanting to ago out for lunch after the service that day should sign up on the bulletin board in the narthex.  The group will meet there at 11:45 am.


Our newly redesigned website is now up and running, and filled with great content.  Check it out at


As some of you know, we will be sharing in a Murder Mystery fundraising opportunity with Eden United Church, in April. Two performances will take place and we will be team up with Eden to share the workload - and to share the stage.   We hope to have actors from both congregations take part, so if you are interested in taking to the stage, please send contact information to Jon Dobbin (director) at . We are looking for a variety of actors whether you are experienced or have never acted before. If you can memorize lines and are able to move around the stage easily including up and down steps then we would like to hear from you. 
We plan to have an  information meeting in September (TBD), and if numbers warrant it, simple auditions will be planned and announced at a later date.
Please direct any inquiries to Joanne Hines.


We are continuing with FUNDSCRIP, an innovative fundraising program that asks you to purchase gift cards in order to pay for regular items you buy every month.  A percentage of the cards we purchase through FUNDSCRIP is donated back to our church.  Order forms for gift cards will be available the last Sunday of every month. The next order date is Sunday, September 24th.   Please see the display board at the back of the church or speak to Joanne Hines if you have any questions about the program.

Throughout the year, Loaves & Dishes prepares and sells various homemade meals and also caters some dinner events which makes a significant contribution to EMUC's fundraising.  We are known for our delicious turkey pot pies and our tourtiĆ©res made for the Christmas season.  This fall our offerings will include fresh homemade soups, frozen shepherd's pies, lasagnas, meatballs in tomato sauce which is great on spaghetti as well as the turkey pies and tourtiĆ©res.  We will also be baking for a bake sale for Thanksgiving weekend.
The group will be cooking on Friday of each week during the fall.  Those involved enjoy the community of working together.  If you can help on some Fridays or even do some preparation at home for the Friday work session e.g. cooking a turkey or preparing the vegetables, we invite you to be part of Loaves & Dishes.  Please contact either Sue Ogilvie (905-820-2387) or Barb Jennings (905-607-1626).  The first Friday session will be Sept 22nd.