FRIDAY MESSAGE  Upcoming Events

                         January 19, 2018

Season:  Epiphany/Ordinary Time       
                   Rev. Kathi's Message:

First let me start with a great big thank you to all of you! Together we have come through our first Advent and Christmas season and a busy start to the New Year. Your kind words and willingness to lend a hand or give advice were invaluable. I felt that everything went smoothly and really enjoyed the season.
At our Covenanting Service last Sunday, we celebrated the official recognition of our new ministry together. It was wonderful to share the day with you and so many friends from Halton and Living Waters Presbyteries, with Jackie Burnie and Harry Oussoren and other friends - old and new. The music was uplifting, the leadership from Orville James and Debra Schneider was inspiring, the whole service was meaningful, and the reception afterwards - well, you went over the top!
A special thank you once again to the members of your Joint Search Committee who put in years of work and commitment. Thank you one and all!
I am tired. I don't know about you, but I am weary of hate-filled rhetoric. I am worn out by public figures who use language that should result in having their mouths washed with soap. I am exhausted when exaggeration and name calling and outright lies replace genuine dialogue and debate. I am fed up by other people who defend this as an expression of free speech. Words matter.
I guess it is an old-fashioned principle that if we can't say something nice we shouldn't speak at all, but wouldn't it be nice if we could all try to live that way?
I know that words matter, that denigrating human beings and their homelands is bad, period. I cannot be the only one tired of words that are used to belittle other people, to bully other people, to twist the truth. Words matter, language matters, manners matter and holding one's self to a higher standard matters.
Anyone in public service, whether ministry, or teaching, or government is held to a higher standard of behavior and we should be. We are called to be leaders, we are called to thoughtful communication. That doesn't mean we have to agree with everyone. It doesn't mean there cannot be deeply held beliefs that are divisive. It doesn't mean there can't be heated argument, debate and disagreement. But respect for one another has to remain.
Words matter. Using offensive language, making insulting and derogatory comments about other human beings is unacceptable for anyone. I would invite all of us to re-think how we behave in private and in public. What we say can make a difference for good or ill, for peace or violence, for what is right and what is wrong.
At our Covenanting Service last Sunday, Kathy Andres read a passage from the book of Micah:
                "And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice,
               and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?"
My words matter, as do all of ours. And it isn't enough to moderate our own words. We are challenged to stand up against hatred, against racism, against any language that is used to put down, bully or insult other human beings regardless of their race, their age, their nationality, their gender, their orientation, their religion. I, we, can do better than this. Let us choose justice, let us choose kindness, let us choose a higher road and a higher standard for our behavior.


                This Week at EMUC

Sunday at 10:00 am:
Worship led by Rev. Kathi Phillips
   Responsive Psalm 62
                                      Mark 1: 14-20
                                     Sermon:  On the Beach

Tuesday at 9:00 am:  Deacon's Cupboard

Wednesday at 2:00 pm: Circle of Friends
                        5:30 pm:  Communications Committee
6:45 pm: 
Prayers and Communion

Thursday at 7:00 pm:  Chancel Choir practice

Friday at 6:00 pm:  Women For Women

Next Sunday:  Regular service at 10 am
led by Rev. Kathi
Upcoming Events:

The Out of the Cold program is starting up again.  Donations of gently used, clean winter outerwear as well as blankets would be appreciated.  Please bring your donations to EMUC & leave them in the coat room.  They are brought to the Open Door at Square One for distribution to their guests.  Thank you.

It's time to start bringing in all those travel-sized hygiene products, tissues, pens/pencils/small notepads, socks, etc. for our annual Comfort Kits campaign.  As well, we are asking for small, generic (non-holiday) gift bags to fill with the items.  We will be making the Comfort Kits in mid February, exact date to be announced.   If you have any questions please see Cathy Scattergood.

Do you like to play games?  Join us at the next Women for Women event at EMUC on Friday, Jan. 26.  Meet at 6:15 pm for dinner at 6:30 (turkey pot pies, salads, veg./gluten-free options, desserts & hot chocolate). Then we play!!  Several different board games & a euchre table will be available.  Play 1 game or try a couple.  Cost is $10.  This is a bring-your-own plate/cutlery/mug event.  Dessert donations would be appreciated. Sign up sheet on the bulletin board or email  Please sign up by Tuesday, Jan. 23.  Also, please remember that we are still collecting donations of feminine hygiene products to be given to the Deacon's Cupboard.  Invite your friends.  All are welcome.

Can you Help?
Projectionist needed:  Each Sunday the hymns and various service items are projected on the screen for everyone to follow.  A person is needed who can help with this task.  Currently there are 2 projectionists who cover the Sundays; however, adding more people to share the load would be nice.  You will be trained in what is required.  If you are interested, speak to Sylvia Arnold, Focus Circle Leader for Worship and Music or any member of the Nominating Committee ( Paul Marot, Sandy Hayes or Barb Jennings)
Garage Sale Coordinator for 2018:  It seems early to be thinking about the Garage Sale which occurs in May; however, time passes quickly.  One or two people are required to oversee this fundraising event.  Many people help and know what is required of them.  The role involves overseeing the event, ensuring all areas are covered, advertising etc.  If you are interested in doing this or sharing the job with someone else, speak with anyone on the Nominating Committee or David Leeder, FCL Finance.

The Breakfast Program supported by Erin Mills Youth Centre is in need of volunteers.  Many volunteers help in the mornings once a week, some once every other week.  They will gladly accommodate your schedule.
Please contact the volunteer coordinator, Daniel Dairou ( and Jessica Peddle ( for more details on this important role.

We are continuing with FUNDSCRIP, an innovative fundraising program that asks you to purchase gift cards in order to pay for regular items you buy every month.  A percentage of the cards we purchase through FUNDSCRIP is donated back to our church.  Order forms for gift cards will be available the last Sunday of every month.  The next order date is Sunday, January 28, 2018.  Please see the display board at the back of the church or speak to Joanne Hines if you have any questions about the program.

Tired of the dark chilly winter evenings.  This is an invitation to a lively evening of euchre and great desserts.  
Where:          Erin Mills United Church in the Lower Hall.
When:           Saturday, February 10.   Arrive to sign in at 6:30 p.m.  Play                                 starts at 7 p.m. sharp.
Cost:             $10.00 per person.
Why:             To enjoy great cards, win prizes and, of course, yummy desserts. 
Who:             Whether you have a partner or are a single player, all are
What to do:   Email Mary Anna Williams to reserve a seat, include the
                      number of attendees.  You may pay at the door.