Gun Owners’ Action League Exec Director Jim Wallace testifies at MA State House against S.2063

On Tuesday December 19, 2017, GOAL’s Executive Director Jim Wallace testified on behalf of  GOAL’s sixteen-thousand members , representing more than four-hundred thousand licensed gun owners of Massachusetts in opposition to  Senator Cynthia Stone-Creem’s S.2063 , an “An Act relative to preventing illegal trafficking of firearms”.

GOAL takes great exception to this bill, and even the thought of it, for many reasons. First and foremost, it is an affront to civil rights and would only punish licensed gun owners, who are among the Commonwealth’s most vetted individuals, for the actions of criminals.

As a proponent of the legislation Senator Creem and her allies have stated time and again that there is a “river of guns” coming into the state illegally. As we noted yesterday, if this is the case, where are the arrests and prosecutions? GOAL also noted yesterday that Massachusetts already has some of, if not the strongest firearms trafficking laws in the nation, so what is the end game here?

The intent of this legislation is very clear. It’s yet another attempt by state lawmakers to suppress Second Amendment rights in Massachusetts. The law was carefully written to do only that, sold under the guise of increasing “public safety”, it will do no such thing.

GOAL will always stand against these carefully designed straw man attacks, seeking to only advance the agenda of gun prohibitionists. We thank everyone for his or her efforts in speaking out against this legislation.

We do not expect to see a report from the committee on this until well after the New Year. We will update as necessary once we have more information.