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December 23, 2016


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Ipswich Is At It Again!

The rights suppression groups did not give up, they just changed tactics.

GOAL has learned that the same group who failed in their attempt to suppress civil rights in Ipswich have reformed and are taking another crack at it in 2017.

If you are a resident of Ipswich you need to take action!  If you know someone from Ipswich, please alert them!

Ipswich Selectman Bill Craft wants to form a committee with the goal of drafting a bylaw that will ban all legal, non-hunting shooting unless granted an exception.  His position is that all non-hunting shooting is illegal in Ipswich unless approved and permitted by the police chief.

He must be stopped!  On Tuesday January 3rd, the Ipswich Board of Selectmen (BOS) have an 8:00 PM agenda item to discuss the forming of the new committee for this purpose.  The agenda is not yet publicly posted.  
We need to block the formation of the committee. 

Please attend the 1/3/2017 BOS meeting and/or contact the remaining members of the Ipswich BOS and oppose the formation of a committee.

What's Healey Hiding?


AG Healey hides info behind iron curtain of secrecy

Attorney General Healey yesterday responded to GOAL’s FOIA request for documents leading to her July 2016 enforcement notice. While we have not yet received any promised documents, one thing is perfectly clear in her response; Healey affirms her belief that licensed gun owners in Massachusetts are a threat to public safety. She also believes we do not deserve transparency.

GOAL believes that everyone deserves transparency from our government. We asked for transparency from Attorney General Healey and yesterday received notice from her basically denying it. She continues to hide behind an iron curtain of secrecy, refusing to disclose any real information regarding the genesis of her enforcement notice. She cites her “ongoing investigation” into gun safety and that releasing this information could threaten people’s lives.

This is an insult to all gun owners.

AG Healey demands transparency from others – while failing to provide it.  Do as I say – not as I do.  GOAL waited over 120 days for the Attorney General to comply with the law and answer our FOIA request.

It should have taken 10 days.  Her failure to follow the law is the height of hypocrisy.

What is Healey hiding?

No one is above the law – not even the Attorney General.

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GOAL 2017 Training Schedule

Our 2017 training schedule includes new courses and lots of great training to choose from!

GOAL's 2017 training schedule is posted online and features new courses including the Intro to Concealed Carry Pistol (mentioned above), our new MA Gun License training course which replaces the basic pistol course of old, and a great class for revolver aficionados, Short Barreled Revolver Skills.

We also have our most popular courses returning, including our NRA Instructors courses (dates TBA), MA Gun Law for Citizens, reloading courses with Jim Finnerty, Utah CCW and lots more, check out the link below to view the schedule and remember, GOAL members always get a great discount on GOAL training courses.


Club Events

  • Leominster Sportsmen's Association- Winter Rifle Matches: Sunday mornings 9-11am, December through the end of March. It's any rifle/any sights or scope, 20 shots in 20 minutes standing ("offhand") at 100 yards on SR-1's, in our nice, heated range house, costs $5. Come on down - this is a great way to improve your marksmanship skills!  You can get a nice breakfast in the clubhouse for ~$6-7 too!
  • Lowell Sportsmen's Club: Ongoing Events open to the public: Trap and Skeet every Sunday at 1pm and Wednesday at 10am all-ages Archery every Thursday night at 6:30pm; Indoor Range Fun Shoot every Friday at 7pm.  Visit for more

  • The Haverhill Hound Rod and Gun Club has lots of events, shoots and activities - All Leagues and HHRG club events are open to the public:  Check out our Public Event Calendar
  • Uxbridge Rod & Gun Club - Sunday Morning Trap - 10:00 AM start time, runs year round, join in for a great time!  
  • High Power Rifle Shooting, at Reading Rifle and Revolver - the ONLY 600yd range in Massachusetts has a full schedule for both "Across the Course" NRA and CMP matches as well as NRA "Mid-Range Prone" matches, for the upcoming 2017 season. You don't need to be a member to participate in the matches.Go to: for complete schedule and match results. If you have questions please contact the High Power Director at,

If your club has an open to the public event you would like to promote, please email the info to 

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