A conversation with Bob Smith,Buena Vista Builders
By: Bekah Moenning

I met with Bob Smith, owner of Buena Vista Builders, in order to learn more about his business and what it has meant for him to be a member of the HBASC.

Bob informed me that Buena Vista Builders (BVB) primarily builds residential homes, but has also branched out into commercial buildings and multi-family housing.

Bob has owned BVB for 6 years, and as for 2017, Bob is looking forward to a possible vacation. The company is moving to a new building on March 1st, and Bob just wants to get settled in and gear up BVB's marketing.

Bob has been a member of the HBASC Board for a year, and moved onto the Executive Committee as Secretary for 2017. He states that being involved has allowed him to be an advocate for the building industry, a critical mission of the HBASC.

I talked to Bob about the benefits of being a part of the Home Builders Association and he said, "It is a great place to network, meet new people, new vendors, and a way to get new ideas."

Bob loves to be involved and has applied for a position on the La Plata County  Building Department Board of Appeals and is currently serving as member of the La Plata County Fire Code Adoption and Revision Commission. 
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