A conversation with Kirk Komick, Rochester Hotel
By: Bekah Moenning

I recently visited with Kirk Komick, owner of the Rochester Hotel, who became a member of the Home Builders Association last year. He sp oke  to the challenges that he overcame with the hotel as well as the successes. Kirk has been building his business for 23 years, and the  great franchise is still thriving.

The success of the hotel and the shape it is in is astounding, especially after I heard some of the challenges Kirk faced while starting up his new business, "The Rochester building was built in 1892 and had a lot of fire and water damage so we really had to uncover the full extent of the renovation. The street that The Rochester currently sits on used to be very rundown, so we had to start a movement to improve 2nd avenue." Kirk described the beginning layout of the hotel, and told of all of the modernizing that also had to be fixed and improved upon.

2017 seems to be a big year for many businesses and individuals; Kirk will be kicking off 2017 with the HBASC Member Mixer on January 24th and debut his member benefit at the event - from what I hear it will be a pretty incredible discount for the members. According to Kirk, 2017 is the year of refining the hotels current systems and creating improved programs.

Starting up a business and having it be overwhelmingly successful, is something to be proud of in itself while Kirk was very humble when I spoke to him about his accomplishments- "I think what I am most proud of is our reputation within the community. I am also proud of the relationships with return guests, the new guests, and the family style we offer."

Kirk explained to me that the future of The Rochester holds no dramatic changes. 2017 and forward is just about reinforcing all of the work Kirk and his staff have done. After being in The Rochester Hotel and listening to what Kirk was saying about it, proved to me that no changes are necessary.

I talked to Kirk about recently joining the Home Builders Association and he thinks it has truly benefited him and his business. He's met some great members, been to some of their events, and believes that he will be able to build onto their Member Benefits with his Member Rates.

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