A conversation with Ryan Siggins,
Durango Wood Company
By: Bekah Moenning

The Home Builders Association (HBA) is getting more and more new members, and Ryan Siggins, owner of Durango Wood Company, is now a board member with the HBA.

Ryan took over Durango Wood Company two years ago and they focus on architectural millwork, such as trim work for homes, making moldings for homes, mainly residential, stair parts, and they do plenty of reclaimed work as well.  If you're looking for great wood products, call Ryan Siggins.

Business expansion is a sign of outstanding success, and Ryan plans to expand outside of Durango, towards having Durango Wood Company be a regional millworks company. I found that to be an impressive goal, and something any business should work towards.

Becoming a board member with the HBA seemed to be rewarding for Ryan. He explained to me that being involved with the people who want to make a difference and being associated with behind the scenes events that will soon be important for his industry is important and necessary. 

While discussing with Ryan, he remarked that being a part of the HBA has gotten him out in front as a new business owner, it has allowed him to be introduced to buyers, and it has been a great way to promote Durango Wood Company. 

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