A conversation with Steve Housley,
Fredrick Zink & Associates
By: Bekah Moenning

     I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with Steve Housley about being a part of Fredrick Zink & Associates and recently becoming the Treasurer of the Home Builders Association of Southwest Colorado.
When hearing the name Fredrick Zink & Associates I was not entirely sure what type of business he was a part of.  Steve explained to me that the company is a Public Accounting Firm. Steve and the company work with tax preparation for individuals, partnerships, trusts, estates, etc. They also work with tax returns, financial statements, and bookkeeping services like payroll and payroll tax returns.

    The beginning of the year is when Fredrick Zink & Associates are the busiest. Everyone is filing their taxes and trying to get finished before April 15th. Steve pointed out that his biggest goal for right now is just getting through tax time.

     Steve was searching for a nonprofit to join, and since the two managing members of the firm, Sidney Zink and Chuck Fredrick, have been a part of the Home Builders Association since it began, Steve thought it was a natural fit and a great way to get involved.
 When speaking with Steve, I learned that he has benefited personally in his affiliation with the HBA by being able to get out into the community and meet new people, all in all helping the business he's been with for the past 4 years. 

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