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Ferrol Johnson, Stonescapes of Durango

Ferrol Johnson and business partner Kevin Slade share two common interests, a passion for business and a love of Durango.  The pair met earlier this year and quickly became friends and business partners. They noticed an under served niche in the upscale custom landscaping market and decided to start Stonescapes of Durango. The goal was to create a successful business and give back to the local Durango community along the way. Recently the company joined HBASC and looks forward to working with like-minded people who share the same affection for Durango.

Ferrol Johnson, originally from Bloomington, Indiana, says he first visited Durango in the 
fa ll of 2014 and after the second day was hooked. By the spring of 2015, he had moved here with wife, Ann, and son, Sabre. While in Bloomington, Ferrol was very involved in helping his community and wants to bring that same philosophy to Durango. Hi s previous company donated, designed  and built organic gardens at every fire station in the city. Ferrol has an extensive background in hardscaping and custom landscape designs that are tailored to fit each unique property. 

Kevin Slade, who currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, has been a long-time Durango visitor. His family is from the area and has spent summers his entire life visiting their family cabin at Haviland Lake. He has watched Durango grow from a small town to the bustling mountain community that it is today. The opportunity to be involved in the building and growth in the area has provided a unique opportunity and hopes to make Durango his full-time home in the near future.

The goal for Stonescapes of Durango is very simple, listen to our clients and then make their dreams a reality. Stonescapes of Durango specializes in creating one of a kind hardscapes that complement both the design and style of each home. Xeriscape or "zero-scape" is Stonescapes preferred method in dealing with Durango's desert-like climate. By using native stone as a ground cover, the result is a beautiful landscape that conserves water and can last for a lifetime. Stonescapes of Durango services includes: custom stone walls, property entrance improvements, expert boulder setting, stone patios, custom walkways, upscale landscaping, and solving grade and drainage issues.

Ferrol Johnson
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