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Jonathan Maestas, Bank of Colorado

Born and raised in Durango, Jonathon earned his accounting degree at Fort Lewis College volunteering with several local nonprofits and preparing many of their tax returns along the way.  Giving back is important to Jonathan and he continues to volunteer. He is seeking a good fit with the right nonprofit for a deeper commitment.

Joining the Bank of Colorado in 2013 as a credit analyst, Jonathan was looking for a little more diversity than accounting offers. He was selected to join the bank's management training program and after completion in 2015, he began his new career as a loan officer. He has since become an integral part of their lending team! Jonathan serves a variety of clients, offering commercial and real estate loans & lines of credit, as well as Construction loans. Providing first class service and meeting the client's needs is Jonathan's top priority. He said the same products are offered at each of the local banks so what matters most is who can help their client the best.
Jonathan became active with the HBASC about 1 ½ years ago, attending meetings and volunteering with the Chili cook-off and Membership Committees. Jonathan stated that he does business with a lot of builders and enjoys his relationship with the Association as it gives him a chance to see his clients on a consistent basis and meet new members.
A proud papa of 2 energetic girls and and avid sports enthusiast, Jonathan coaches his eldest daughter's basketball team. I hope to have the privilege of meeting the girls at the Member Appreciation Chili Cook off this summer (with Bank of Colorado as the sponsor of this family oriented event, my chances might be pretty good). 

Jonathan Maestas
NMLS #1419831

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