They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder... Hopefully you have missed our Friday morning publication and are happy to see it return. Now that we are settled in to our new office (for the most part), we can return to our Friday Morning posts. 

Meet the Member
Lynda Munoz, XRock Radio

Lynda rejoined XRock Radio last October after a 12 year stint with the cellular industry. As a former employee of XRock, she was called back and offered the opportunity to come to Durango and help the station grow their business. Lynda contacted the HBASC office soon after arriving, and was excited to learn about the HBASC, the Parade, and how she could get more involved in the Association.  She started attending meetings as soon as she got settled in. I have had the pleasure of seeing Lynda and her counterparts in meetings and around town since. I see her often, mixing with new faces at every event.
During our interview this week, I asked Lynda to tell me about XRock Radio and what they do. She quickly responded "Promote local businesses to create top of mind awareness so that when people buy, they'll think of you."  Entertaining listeners with classic rock music must be what they do on the side... Lynda cites her goals for 2017 as rebuilding the company image and reputation, meeting new people and expanding relationships. With as much as she is involved, she should have no problem reaching her goals.
When I asked about her thoughts regarding the association, she shared that she immediately saw value in the members and what the association had to offer; networking, community service, a diverse collective of member's thoughts and ideas. She was extremely impressed with the energy and efforts that were put into the renovations at the VOA Safe House and is honored to be a part of an organization that is centered on making people's lives better.
Lynda Munoz

Katie Middleton, EO
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