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2017 Women Helping Women committee spotlight: 
Sharon Goldford

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2017 Women Helping Women committee spotlight: 
Annie S. Brandt

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The following individuals have made generous donations to assist in providing counseling services for low-income and underserved women and girls. Thank you to this amazing group for this remarkable support.

Special Friends - $1,000 or more
Barbara Beatty, M.D.
Gloria Burnett, in memoriam
Patty and Mary Cownie
Paula Duncan
Lois and Rhonda Fingerman
John Fisher and Jann Freed
Judith Flapan
Barbara Gartner
Suzie Glazer Burt
Mary Gottschalk
Norma Hirsch, M.D.
Trudy Holman Hurd
Charlotte Hubbell
Ellen Hubbell
Rusty Hubbell
LaDonna Matthes
Brenda Mouw
Doris Jean Newlin
Jill Oman
Stephanie Pearl
Shirley Poertner
Ann Richards
Kay Riley
Janis Ruan
Jackie Saunders
Mary Seidler
Rebecca Shaw, M.D.
Kathy and Ted Stuart
Marsha Ternus
Nanette Tollakson
Toni Urban
Susan Voss
Sally Wood
Kathi Zimpleman
Alan Zuckert

2017 Women Helping Women committee spotlight: 
Carol Bodensteiner

Carol Bodensteiner

She thought she could handle things herself - until she couldn't. Read how one woman found her way through tremendous loss. Thank  you to Carol Bodensteiner, award-winning author and a member of the 2017  Women Helping Women  Committee, for sharing this personal story of hope and healing.

Thank you

The following individuals have made generous donations to assist in providing counseling services for low-income and underserved women and girls. Thank you to this amazing group for this remarkable support.

This list was last updated on May 1, 2017. Thanks to generous donations, the listing changes daily. For a dynamic donor listing, please refer to our website. All donations received before May 10 will be listed in the event program.

Leaders Plus - $500
Shelly Brody
Sondra Eddings
Rosalie Gallagher
Sharon Goldford
Anne Kelly
Jeanne Levitt
Liz Neumann
Barbara Nish
Cynthia O'Brien
Deb Pulver
Barb Sherman
Leaders - $250
Robin Ahnen-Cacciatore
Linda Anderson
Stephanie Asklof
Sandra L. Axness
Barbara Bachman
Connie Beasley
Connie Boesen
Sandy Benson Johnson
Jan Berg Kruse
Jan Berlin
Carol Bodensteiner
Nancy Bone
Margaret Borgen
Anne Broderick
Eileen Burtle
Phyllis Cacciatore
Teree Caldwell-Johnson
Randi Carr
Kevin Carroll
LaNae Ceryanec
Nancy Cheeseman
Polly Clark
Alicia Claypool
Julius S. Conner, M.D.
Julie Ann Connolly
Chris Conyers
Beth Coonan
Joy Corning
Charlie Day
M.J. Dolan
Amy and Tom Donnelly
Marsha and Ellery Duke
Dave Egleston
Kathy Elsner
Karen Engman
Denise Essman
Jeff Fleming
Peggy Fisher
Allison Fleming
Julie Fleming
Mary Susan Gibson
Kathleen T. Giles
Debbie Gitchell
Diane Glass
Linda Goeldner
Bonnie Green
Renee Hardman
Sarah Hayes, M.D.
Lynn Heggen
Barbara Hein
Trudie and Hal Higgs
Starr Hinrichs
Dixie Hoekman
Denise J.A. Holck
Debbie Hubbell
Bev Hutney
Connie Isaacson
Marian Jacobs
Kate Juelfs
Mary Kelly
Suzan Kelsey Brooks
Sue Kenny
Nancy Knapp
Mary Kramer
Diane Krell
Mary F. Kunkel
Jennie Legates
Caroline Levine
Christine Lewis
Marian Lyddon
Robbie G. Malm
Lorraine May
Rachel and Bill McDonough
Claudette McDonald
Andrea McGuire, M.D.
Diane Morain
Terri Mork Speirs
Debra Moyer
Cindy Mumm
Katherine Murphy
Pauline Niebur
Mary Y. Nilsen
Charlotte Noble
Paula O'Brien
Jeanne O'Halloran
Dixie Hoekman
Representative Jo Oldson
Lynsey Oster
Gail Pearl
Sally Pederson
Senator Janet Petersen
Mary Jo Pomerantz
Deanna Questad, M.D.
Lynette Rasmussen
Elizabeth Raymond
Mary Riche
Karen Ritchie
Helen Robinson
Kelle Rolfes
Janet Rosenbury
M. Jessica Rowe
Patrice Sayre
Jan Schellhammer
Rose Mary Shira
Patricia Schneider
Pam Schoffner
Mary Kay Shanley
Judith Sheldon
Patsy Shors
Marti Sivi
Laurie Betts Sloterdyk
Heather Soener
Barbara Stennes
Sheila Starkovich Lingwall
Rachel Stauffer
Beth Stelle Jones
Ellen Strachota
Mary Stuart
Gail Stubbs
Christy Sullivan
Harold and Joyce Templeman
Rachel Thorson Mithelman
Ashley Tollakson
Karen Unrau
Terri Vaughan
Susan Vujnovich McRoberts
Virginia Wangerin
Linda Weidmaier
Michele Whitty
Malinda Wiesner Hammerstrom
Jean Williams
Connie Wimer
Karen Worth
Roberta Yoder
Kent Zimmerman
Kathy Zumbach
Young Leaders - $100
Emily Betts Susanin
Annie S. Brandt
Rachel Bruns
Rachel Dahlen
Courtney Erickson
Daniel Hoffman-Zinnel
Alex Hubbell
Kelly Isaacson
Tessa Isaacson
Ali Makris
Libby Moench
Anne Roth
Siobhan Spain
Kelly Sparks
Dania Wilson
Table Sponsors - $750
Aureon Staffing
Bank of the West
Hubbell Realty Company
Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
Ann Flood
Robyn and Bret Mills
Nyemaster Goode, P.C.
Thrivent Financial - Laurie Gowdy
Corporate Friends - $500
Josephs Jewelers
Kemin Industries, Inc.
Laden and Pearson, P.C.
New Leaf Wellness
Veridian Credit Union
Wild Rose Entertainment
Willis Auto Campus

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Your support as a Special Friend, Leader Plus, Leader or Young Leader to girls and women in need of quality mental health counseling, entitles you to be our guest at the luncheon on May 19, 2017. A donation helps even more women and girls, and entitles you to a complimentary reservation. 

"They told me I wasn't alone." 
Elizabeth and baby
Click image to read Elizabeth's story.

Women Helping Women changes lives. 
Women Helping Women History  
  1. The annual Women Helping Women luncheon is an inspirational and celebratory fundraising event to fund counseling services for women and girls who are under or uninsured.
  2. The luncheon was begun in 1999 and has raised more than $692,000 in its 18 year history.  Thousands of girls and women in need have received vital counseling services.
  3. Attendance has grown from less than 100 attendees in its early years, to more than 500 attendees in 2016.
  4. Each year there is a tremendous amount of camaraderie, sharing and dynamic energy from gathering together as Women Helping Women.
About the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center
Founded in 1972, the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center brings understanding, hope, and healing to people of all ages through mental health counseling and education. 
Key Services:
  • Counseling, including a specialized approach for children and adolescents
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychological testing and assessment
  • Clinical training, suicide prevention training
  • Spiritual direction, renewal programs
  • Conflict transformation and strategic planning services for congregations, nonprofits and businesses

On behalf of the 2017 Women Helping Women planning committee, thank you for your interest and your incredible support.

In gratitude,

Terri Mork Speirs
Director of Marketing and Communications
Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center

2017 Women Helping Women Committee

Jann E. Freed, Co-Chair
Anne M. Kelly, Co-Chair
Robin Ahnen-Cacciatore
Jacki Askelson
Stephanie Asklof
Emily Betts Susanin
Carol Bodensteiner
Margaret Borgen
Annie S. Brandt
Beth Coonan
Paula Duncan
Kathy Giles
Sharon Goldford
Starr Hinrichs
Bev Hutney
Connie Isaacson
Kate Juelfs
Mary Kramer
Claudette McDonald
Robyn Mills
Terri Mork Speirs
Lynsey Oster
Laurie Sloterdyk
Kelly Sparks
Kathy Stuart
Karen Unrau
Susan Voss
Sally Wood