April Showers sure brought some gorgeous May flowers! Hope you're all ready to enjoy this beautiful season! 
This month we will celebrate all the moms on Mothers day, the end of another school year, Memorial Day and National Wine Day, (May 25th in case you need to mark your calendar!) This month I will also be celebrating the15th anniversary of the opening of Tranquil Massage. I am so proud and so blessed, and I've built this business with a little help from my friends. Which is why.....

Friends are my favorite!
The definition of a friend is: one attached to another by affection or esteem; a favored companion; a person who gives assistance; supporter.
Friends can be close or distant, deep and long lasting or more superficial and temporary. Our friends are made up of people we grew up with, our neighbors, our friendly grocery store cashier, our dental hygienist, our co workers, fellow parents at the school and (in my case) our clients. My vast variety of friends mean the world to me and I know I would not be the woman, mother, wife and massage therapist that I am without the advice, help, support and love from my friends, family, and especially my clients. 
So this month's favorite thing is a shout out to all of you reading this newsletter. Thank you for being my friend, and for allowing me to be yours! Having friends by my side through the good, bad and ugly is really what makes my heart so happy. We are truly blessed if we have friends to chat with, to cry with, to celebrate milestones and successes, and to lean on when life hands us the lemons. Healthy and happy friendships make life brighter, fuller and frankly, more manageable! And having friends can even improve your health! Read more about that in this interesting article.
There's one particular friend that I'd love to talk about, partly because it's her birthday this month, and also because she is one of my longest and best friends. We met in 3rd grade and we've always had a deep connection and a desire to share our lives and journeys together. Together we've celebrated dance recitals, graduations, weddings, job changes, births, moves, and now business ownership. She was one of my very first regular clients when I started my business 15 years ago and now I am honored to be one of her clients at her new home salon, Welcome Home Studios. I am so super proud of my friend Lisa and her new business. You have got to Check her out!  

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Whether you're raising fur-babies or human babies, if you have 1 or 6 to care for, or if your children are grown and having children of their own....I hope you're able to take a little time doing what makes you feel happy and recharged, and that you feel celebrated and honored as a fabulous mother! Thank you for sharing your motherhood stories and experiences with me!
In friendship,

Bryn Rath
Tranquil Massage
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