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It's time for ghouls and goblins, candy and costumes, AND citizen science!

Here are six creep crawly projects to spice up your Halloween festivities.

Photo: NASA
Send Us Your Skeletons
This project needs skeletons, but don't worry- they don't want human ones! The Department of Fisheries in Western Australia needs fishers from that region to send them their fish skeletons. This will help the department evaluate the local fish populations.   
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Photo: USFWS
Massachusetts Audubon Owls Project
Whether you're trick-or-treating or just out for an evening stroll, if you see or hear an owl in Massachusetts, this project wants to know!
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Photo: DDQ
Dark Sky Meter
If Halloween night seems a little brighter and less scary than it used to, it could be due to light pollution. Use your iPhone to collect data on light pollution in your area.
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Colorado Spider Survey 
Spiders are creepy and crawly, and maybe even a little scary, but they're also incredibly diverse and an important part of many ecosystems. Help scientists in Colorado study these amazing creatures by sending in samples of the spiders in your part of the state.
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Photo: USGS
The frightful Zombie Fly is parasitizing honey bees across the United States and potentially spreading throughout the continent. You can collect and observe bees in your area to see if they have been infected. 

Photo: NPS
Bat Detective 
Want to study bats without venturing out into the dark of night? With this completely online project, you can do just that, by listening to bat recordings and classifying what you hear.   
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