September 3, 2012

Registration Opens Tomorrow for Fall eClass!
Registration starts on September 4, 2012 for the Fall session of the Pixeladies' Introduction to Photoshop Elements class. 

To watch a short video showing you how to register, please click

Due to popular demand, we are holding another session of this entry level class to using Photoshop Elements (PSE) taught by The Pixeladies.   Remember, this class satisfies the prerequisite for the Tablet Design class and the Fabric Design class. 



Introduction to Photoshop Elements (PSE)  for Fiber Artists and Sewing Enthusiasts by The Pixeladies


Course Dates: September 17- October 7, 2012 (3 week class)


Tuition Fee: $60  (students re-taking this class receive a 50% discount on their tuition.  Contact Carla at for a special rate invoice.  


This class is open to all students wanting a introductory course in using PSE.


Course Description: Want to learn Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE) so that you can use it for your art? This is the class for you! Learn the basic tools you need to work with PSE, including selection tools, and find out what layers are and why they are the secret to Photoshop. You'll enjoy the learning process 'cause we work with "paper" dolls! This class is suitable for PSE beginners and any PSE users who want a refresher course.


Registration starts on September 4, 2012.  For more information, go to

About the Pixeladies:

Carla Note:  Quilt Artists, Fiber Artists, Designers, Authors, and Teachers,  Deb and Kris happen to be two of the most talented and inspiring women I know.  A visit to their creative studio is both inspiring and fun, and their classes are too!


The Pixeladies are Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki. They've known each other for over thirty years and began their collaboration in 2003. Their studio consists of three computers, three printers, four sewing machines, a serger, and a small store's worth of fabric and beads. They collaborate on their Pixeladies projects because they like the challenge of coming up with a single artistic vision from two distracted minds!  


Deb and Kris concentrate on telling stories in cloth, usually starting out manipulating images on the computer. But, you'll also find them sitting around the table cutting words and phrases from magazines for their text quilts.


The Pixeladies' first book, Furoshiki Fabric Wraps: Simple, Reusable, Beautiful, was published in 2012 by C&T Publishing. Their work has been exhibited and published nationally and internationally.The Pixeladies have been teaching Photoshop Elements in traditional classroom settings and online long enough to remember when Photoshop Elements first came on the market. They have brought their expertise and experience to the fiber world because they know the language fiber artists speak. They translate Photoshop-speak into coherent nuggets of information fiber artists will use in their creative endeavors.


Be sure to register for their wonderful three week Photoshop Element courses which includes well paced, information packed video lessons, concise handouts, and a weekly webinar.  They make learning this software fun, while building your confidence at the same time.

New Look! 

Based on student and instructor feedback, I have decided to streamline eClass information into my website at  Here is a view of my eClass page:

 All the buttons are clickable, plus the black menu bar expands, too, for help in finding information about classes.



How do I Register for a class?   We continue to use the "moodle" education software for all classes.  On September 4, 2012, just go to my blog at and click HERE.
More Classes will be scheduled for the Winter 2013 session

We will be repeating all classes just after the first of the year.  This list includes the Quilt Whisperer class, and the Tablet Design Class by Carla Barrett and the Fabric Design Class with PSE by the Pixeladies.   

Why Take an Online Class? eClasses provide a wonderful value for quilters and artists, especially when compared to other courses being offered online or in person.  Here are a few reasons why classes stand out:

* In-depth classes accessible when your schedule allows
* 1:1 Teacher: Student interaction
* Strong Visual, Auditory and Hands-On learning
* Creative Exercises and Fun Homework Provided
* Live Webinar Meetings
* Classes offer multiple, weekly Video Instruction, with Handouts
* Each Course is jammed pack with information
* Individual Teacher Feedback on Homework
* Forum for questions, instruction and social interaction
* Technical Support to assist students in accessing Course
* Unique Education software platform- used by colleges worldwide
* Entire Class Material available to students for an extra 6 months 
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