July 1, 2017

Dear Toastmaster,

It's July 1st and the beginning of a new Toastmasters year. I wish you a "Happy New Year" and trust that this will be our best Toastmasters year yet, as we each find increasing value in being part of our District 101 community of learners.


If you’re not already connected to District 101 Toastmasters, please take a moment to make the connection. Join us on Facebook and Meetup, and adjust your spam filter to ensure you'll see our emails from pr@d101tm.org. Visit d101tm.org often! Our website is the best place to find out all that’s going on in our District.


This year our theme is Experience the Value. Value is the most important benefit we can offer you, our members, and it's you, our members, that make District 101 so valuable. So join me this year by becoming more involved in our District (experience as a verb), and help us create even more opportunities for each of us to become more self-confident (experience as a noun). It's when we get involved and begin to change for the better that we also come to value the experience that Toastmasters provides.


Why not start by joining us at our Toastmasters Leadership Institute and Leadership Luncheon on July 22nd? In addition to a Club Officer Training we also have several valuable educational sessions lined up to help us experience the value of our Toastmasters membership.


I look forward to meeting and working with you this year. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at dd@d101tm.org if you have questions or ideas to help us all experience the value of Toastmasters.


David Spence, DTM

District Director, 2017-18

District 101 Toastmasters