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Employee of the Month!
Claire Ullrich
MedEx and Rehab Specialist
Claire is our new MedEx and Rehab Specialist and is studying rigorously to obtain her Kinesiology Certification.  Let's wish her good luck for September!  She has quietly and confidently been taking on Cat's responsibilities as Cat slows down due to her pregnancy.  Not only has Claire been incredibly accommodating, but she has also shown great competence and enthusiasm with her new role!  Cat has been our best MedEx trainer to date and we have no doubt that Claire has the ability to meet the challenge.  Already I have been getting very positive feedback from clients who say she is 'tough but supportive'.  I look forward to working with Claire to help our clients meet their health goals with passion and energy!

-Dr. Nik Bair-Patel, Chiropractor

Graston Therapy
Curtis Wise
Registered Massage Therapist
Graston Practitioner
Graston Technique is a soft tissue mobilization that utilizes 6 stainless steel instruments to help break up scar tissue and fascial restrictions. The combination of Graston Technique and rehabilitative exercises can significantly improve musculoskeletal function. The Graston instruments can detect and amplify the feel of soft tissue restrictions to the hands, similar to how a stethoscope amplifies the sound of a heartbeat.  Whether you are experiencing an acute injury like an ankle sprain, or a chronic issue like plantar fascilitis, or tennis elbow (lateral epicondylosis), Graston Therapy can effectively locate and treat the cause of the issue. Post surgical scars can also be broken down using Graston. The technique was originally developed for athletes, by athletes over 20 years ago, but since then it has been practiced on everyone from gardeners to desk jockeys.
             Practicing poor posture for an extended period of time can shorten tissues in some key areas.   Over time your soft tissues can adapt to a shortened position especially in the postures we practice on a daily basis. That can make it quite difficult to correct your posture, even if you wanted to, without some sort of soft tissue work, or myofascial release.  Graston can quickly break up those restrictions in less time then it would, with manual soft tissue treatments. Graston Technique can help you improve your posture by structurally increasing your range of motion and facilitating significant changes in your soft tissue, making it easier to keep your shoulders down and back. If you’d like to experience the changes Graston can make if your life, or if you have any questions regarding the technique, come by for a complimentary 10 minute assessment to see what Graston can offer you. 
Personal Training 101
Freya Ames
Assistant Manager, The Gym
Personal Trainer Specialist
What is Personal Training you ask?

Here is an overview:

All Personal Training starts with a Fitness Assessment to establish where you are at health wise and what limitations/challenges there are to deal with or overcome. This also lets us know your goals/timeline/days you are able to come to the gym. 

With this information we can build you an intelligent, effective program.

The next step is spending approximately an hour with you going over the program that has been built with you in mind. You will be shown how to properly do the exercises, the speed, weight, rest time etc. 

We often see people 1-3 times per week, however If you have chosen to come in on your own time and work independently, I will write up a program with all instructions on it so that you feel comfortable training on your own. 

Trainers try to schedule around your day so that you are able to make coming to the gym work for your life.  We know how life is and we know that you need to make the most of your time.

 Why Hire a Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS)?

Good question!

PTS' have the ability to streamline your workouts so that you can reach goals more efficiently and safely. 

Personal training is a great way to get the undivided attention needed to achieve fitness goals that you maybe never thought you would, or to get back to where you were when you were active but got sidelined due to an injury or life changes.  In these cases, we can give you specific exercises to prevent injury or to strengthen an area that has atrophied due to injury or lack of use.

We are your biggest supporter in your strength/speed/endurance/weightloss goals. We actually understand how hard or intimidating it can be coming to a gym or striving for something you’ve maybe never achieved before.  Any trainer you speak to will have their own story as to why they got into this line of work, and their story might be very similar to yours.

Many people feel that they are being judged when they walk into a gym.   I’m here to tell you that 90 percent of the most fit looking people at a gym give respect to someone starting their journey. 

The first step is the bravest.  Good on you!

So if you would like some help starting out or taking it to the next level, think PTS.  And call The Gym at IHC for the assistance you need to get there!            

Client Story
Properly Fitting Shoes Made Her Day! 
In the store we often have customers that come in who have very sore and tired feet but one client in particular was at a loss for what to wear on her feet. She confessed to often wearing slippers in public because her feet were too sore and too wide to fit into most everyday shoes. After trying on a couple of pairs we chose an extra wide pair of New Balance walking shoes with a roll bar for added stability. The moment we slipped her feet into the shoes she was ecstatic because there were no seems cutting into her feet and they felt so comfortable.  Needless to say she left the store wearing her new shoes instead of carrying them in the bag and she even gave us her old ones to throw away!  It is always a pleasure to see customers leave the store happy with their new footwear - especially for those hard to fit feet! 

The Summer Alternative to Orthotics
Stuck in custom or off the shelf orthotics or else your feet/back/knees are killing you?   Vionics offer a large selection of pretty and comfortable sandals that have built in arch support.  They are the perfect solution for those that require orthotics but want the option of wearing sandals during the hot summer months.  Stop by today to ask one of our associates to help you find your perfect summer sandal!  On sale now!
Nutrition and Footwear

Kayla Audette
Health Coach
Nutrition and Footwear Associate 

Inflammation is the number-one reason that an individual consults any health care practitioner. Arthritis, gastritis, colitis, sinusitis, dermatitis, nephritis, neuritis and cystitis are just some of the common inflammatory conditions that bring people to their doctors. If the doctor’s diagnosis ends in the four letters “itis,” by definition, inflammation is involved.

Inflammation is an immune response to injury, toxins, allergy or infection, and causes pain, redness, heat and swelling in the affected area. More than 70 percent of our immune system cells are found along the lining of our digestive tract; your immune response is largely affected by the foods that interact with your gut

Food allergies, which are often a root cause of pain, are also becoming increasingly common across North America because many foods are heavily processed and we don’t get enough variety in our diet. We often choose the same popular menu items like wheat cereal for breakfast, wheat bread for lunch and wheat pasta for dinner. As a result our immune system overacts and we suffer the painful symptoms of allergies. Diagnosing a food allergy isn’t always easy; symptoms can be diverse. Regardless of the signal our body sends us, inflammation is the ultimate consequence of an allergic reaction.
There are two basic types of pain: acute and chronic. Acute pain comes on quickly (for example, twisting an ankle), and last a relatively short period of time. The swelling, redness, heat and inflamed nerve endings set off an alarm bell, warning the rest of the body that something is wrong. In this instance, inflammation serves a purpose and is a natural and necessary part of the healing process. However; when acute pain is not properly treated, it can develop into chronic pain. Chronic pain occurs when an initial pain response won’t go away, and the body continues to overreact long after the initial cause has passed. Chronic pain and discomfort should be rare at any age and in each case it should be promptly addressed.
Pharmaceutical painkillers work effectively to switch off the pain signal-unfortunately, pain is supposed to warn you that something is wrong. Such medications allow you to continue functioning but prevent you from being able to keep in touch with your body’s messages. If you can’t feel pain, it will become more difficult to get to the root of your initial discomfort and you won’t know whether your body is healing properly. If you ignore an injury and circumvent the pain response, you’re working outside your natural limits. As a result, you could be on a path to more serious injury, or your current injury may eventually lead to chronic pain.
Although injuries and sore joints are hard to ignore, less severe symptoms of inflammation generally don’t attract your attention in the same way. Symptoms such as indigestion after meals, bleeding gums or a patch of eczema that won’t clear up (despite using lots of anti-inflammatory creams) are easy to ignore for a long time. If left unchecked, these annoying symptoms can lead to chronic inflammation and lifelong pain. In order to heal your pain, you need to understand how chronic inflammation occurs.
The anti-inflammatory diet will teach you how to give your body the food it needs to repair itself. Many people who find an anti-inflammatory diet to be ineffective in alleviating their pain may have a structural imbalance that needs to be addressed. The anti-inflammatory diet is especially effective in combination with bodywork such as laser therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, strength training and chiropractic care.   
Do you suffer from Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS, Gastritis or do you suspect you have leaky gut? UltraInflamX Plus 360 by Metagenics is a well rounded meal replacement, that contains many natural anti-inflamitories, vitamin, minerals and herbs to help heal the gut and reduce inflammation. With herbs like curcumin, rosemary, and ginger this vegan shake could help you soothe and heal your GI system and regain your health. 

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Staff Picks for July
Branch Chain Amino Acids

Freya Ames
Assistant Manager, The Gym
Personal Training Specialist

This is the one thing I consistently use when working out.    I take it during my training session  to stimulate muscle growth, prevent catabolization of muscle tissue, to speed up my recovery time and to aid in abdominal fat loss.

Amino Core tastes great, my personal favourite is Blue Raspberry.

Check it out!  G et yours today - 10% off August 1-14
The KEEN Choice

Caroline Clouthier
Nutrition and Footwear  Associate 

Come on in and check out our Keens at Integrated Health Centre!  Keens are our top pick for outdoor activities or for any physical job requiring a steel toe.  Keens are a great option if you require waterproof since their patented waterproof, breathable membrane  lets vapor out without letting water in. Perspiration and moisture naturally produced by the body are able to escape, while at the same time keeping the wet out and feet dry.  Keens offer a variety of styles and colours for someone seeking something fun or casual.  Keen shoes and their utility footwear easily accept orthotics, making them that much more versatile, especially for someone with a wider foot.  The Keen shoes and utility are well known for their molded reinforcement safeguards against abrasion and mild impact, keeping toes safe from the unexpected.  This feature alone makes them popular amongst the avid outdoorsmen or tradesperson.  We have great Keen options for kids too!

                                               Summer sale on now!
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