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From Our Heart To Yours!
On February 14th

From Our Heart to Yours
On this Valentine's Day, we CELEBRATE YOU and your commitment to Peace, along diverse pathways!
In these challenging times, it is an opportunity to reflect on shared core values and be grateful to those kindred spirits who assist in the evolution of Peace in our lives, communities, nations, humanity and our planet. So to all brave spirits and Peacebuilders- THANK YOU! Each of you, in your own way and through your energy, talents, and gifts, are connecting to the global heart of Peace.          
Pathways To Peace (PTP) is touching hearts and lives every day.  PTP is receiving such encouraging and unexpected responses regarding its work, and we know that this is because of each of you who has participated in some way through your support and your participation over the years.  Individually and cooperatively, we are building a Culture of Peace now and for future generations!
Pathways To Peace is continuing to increasing our capacity to more effectively to bring programs, education, mentorship, and resources to you and the growing number of Peacebuilders locally and throughout the world.
If it is in your heart and within your means to support our work in whatever way, your colleagues at PTP send a Heart-full THANK YOU!  Your energy, work, and support means everything.
 YOU are a pathway to Peace!

Your tax deductible contribution at any level is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Directors at Pathways To Peace,

Avon Mattison, President
Sheva Carr, Co-Vice President
Robert Browning, Co-Vice President
Alain Gauthier, Director
David Wick, Director
Masankho Banda, Director
Joanie Ciardelli, Director Emeritus 

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