Your generosity helps sustain the compassionate care and commitment so central to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington's vision.
Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Indiana

April 21, 2017

Dear Congregation Members and Friends:
There are two things--just two--that we really, really want you to do! The first is to watch this video about our congregation (when else have you gotten to see our church from the sky?)! 

Now More Than Ever

And, we invite you to pledge now (or in person this Saturday) to support our congregation.

Please join us this Saturday (April 22), as we celebrate this year's stewardship campaign for the 2017-18 year. Saturday will be a full day of joyous celebration of our Earth and our congregation, as we share the excitement of the possibilities ahead for this congregation. As your ministers, we are deeply committed to sharing this ministry with you.

Your generosity helps sustain the compassionate care and commitment so central to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington's vision of

Seeking the Spirit, 
Building Community,
Changing the World.

Over the past year, we have faced incredible changes -- welcoming a new minister and new staff, many new members, and launching programs like VALE (Vigiling at Life's End). Our members voted unanimously to be a Sanctuary congregation, standing in solidarity with members of  the Bloomington community (and working with partner 
anizations throughout the area). We continue to be a beacon of liberal religion for Bloomington, Monroe Cou
nty, and Southern Indiana--supporting our Women's
Alliance, Men's Group, our gathering of Freethinkers, and our Humanist Forum. Our religious education program connects children and youth with one another, great teachers and mentors, and a faith tradition that values spiritual exploration and faith development. 

Standing ovation follows the vote to become a Sanctuary Congregation, March 2017
Your generous support has helped us build community. The ministry of our Caring Committee, Caregiver Support Group and other outreach efforts within our congregation assist us in connecting with people when they need it most. And that need is increasing each year.
Our vibrant Chalice Circle ministry helps us connect in friendship and mutual exploration fostering connections that would likely not otherwise emerge. We encourage links between the generations through shared worship, learning, and socializing. 

We are proud of the many people who work hard to ensure our ministry is alive and vibrant in this community! And, we are committed to ministering with each of you to bring love, justice, peace and healing within our community and to the world.   

In love and service,

Reverend Mary Ann Macklin
Reverend Scott McNeill
Reverend Emily Manvel Leite
Make your 2017-18 pledge on Pledge Day April 22, or by  clicking here! 

Now, More Than Ever--
Seeking the Spirit, Building Community, and Changing the World!
Photos by John Summerlot and John Woodcock. Video by Andy Beargie.