Data Call Stands Solid On It's SLA's 
As Harvey dumps down on Texas, Friendswood headquarters may be dark, but all systems remain on go - Texans join together to shine light of humanity on each other.  
As most may be aware of by now, Harvey made landfall in Rockport Texas this weekend, causing catastrophic damage. Shortly thereafter, the storm stalled inundating the Houston area with non-stop rain fed by the relentless rain bands. Data Call HQ took on  between 9.88 and 16.59 inches reported between South Friendswood Drive and FM 528.  Based on some elevation maps, and some eyewitness reports, we are confident that as this passes, our offices will remain unharmed. We thank everyone for their concerns of our well being.
Through the company's experiences over the years of past Texas storms, a decision mandated that our data center was to be removed from our corporate spaces. By the time hurricane Rita came to Texas in 2005, all of the company's production servers were co-located off site. This proved to be quite prudent as we survived Hurricane Ike in 2008. By 2014, all production servers, test servers, web servers, digital assets, as well as company email servers were sent to the cloud with strong redundancy in place. This architecture has enabled the company to proudly guarantee it's solid SLA's and endure such a catastrophic event as we are experiencing today.
Our Prayers and Sympathy Goes Out To Our Surrounding Communities
We are blessed with all of our staff members, their families, and their homes being safely accounted for. At this time, all staff spared by the flooding. Most of Friendswood and the surrounding areas are underwater. Entire families are being rescued from their flooded homes by so many great people by boat and brought to shelter. We thank not only our first responders - We thank every person out there helping their neighbors. Houston, we have a problem. 

If anyone is looking to help the people of Houston:

Tim Vance