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July 2017
If you have not subscribed to Heads Up, do yourself a favor and sign up to keep current on campus construction.  This is a weekly reminder of large projects and information on the site can help you navigate program and event planning and even your daily commute.  It divides the campus into four quadrants to make it easier to find projects close to where you work.  It also lists the project manager of each project.  With the high level of activity over the summer and into the academic year, this is one notice that I regularly check.
As mentioned above, there is a lot of construction on campus now.  Bonair Siding will be impacted due to infrastructure work for the new Escondido Village Graduate Residences. That includes a new underground parking structure on Manzanita Field and a new roundabout on the intersection of Campus and Serra.  One of the BGM programs that will change due to the reduction of Bonair Siding is Campus Clean Up.  We are working with program partners Surplus Sales, PSSI, Logistics and Zone Management to plan a new way of offering this important service.  Watch this space for more information about the new, and we think "improved" Campus Clean Up once the plan is finalized.  We'll also send out formal notices about the changes that you can send to your building occupants later this summer.
The mechanical clock between Barnum and The School of Education building will be down for repairs this summer.  For all of you that keep an eye ear out for the chimes, you might miss hearing the quarterly notice of passing time.  Our clock expert Dorian Clair, will remove components of the clock to clean and refurbish.  We also plan to do work on the tower structure during this time.  The clock is beloved by the Stanford community and our visitors alike.  I've never gone to wind it without someone pressing their nose against the glass to see it more closely.  Please help me to get the word out that the clock will be silent for approximately six weeks starting in July.

Kathleen Baldwin (KB), Editor

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